access control

Access control

Employing an access control system in your business. Can be a simple and straightforward way of enhancing your security and managing the flow of people through your site. An Access Control System is a security system that manages and controls who and what is authorized access to a system, environment or a facility. An ACS is fundamentally a physical function executed within high-security areas, such as data centers, government or military institutes, and similar spaces. Commonly, The system monitors and controls human access to an insulated equipment and facility.

Almost all Access Control Systems are devised to employ a user piloted credentials as an input, it validates or authenticates prerogatives using it lists and grants or denies access based on findings.

Access Control Techniques

Physical access control technique and Logical technique are the two dominant access control techniques that are most popular currently. The physical access control technique restricts entry to campuses, buildings, rooms and IT assets. Logical access control restricts connections to computer networks, system files, and data.

Access control system has become more and more revolutionary over the years. Currently, access control system refers to a computer-based, electronic card access system. The electronic card access system employs a special access card for access to a secured area. When the system is used in a document, it refers to an electronic card access control system. Access control systems are most commonly employed to control entry and exit doors of buildings. Access control systems are also used to regulate access to certain areas positioned within the interior of buildings. The objective of the system is to furnish fast and convenient access to authorized personnel and restrict access to unauthorized personnel. The resilience of modern system doesn’t just secure who gets in and out of the premises but also aids health and safety.

Listed below are few important reasons specifying the need to integrate access control in your business space

access control


Access control system entitles safe working atmosphere for employees, which is a reassurance for both the employer and the employees. For a business enterprise that witnesses substantial footfall. An access control system can protect health and safety for everyone in the premises. This can debar the need for a security system headed by manpower. Which can prove to be taxing on the company pockets as well as eliminate human error.

Many organizations have inventory and other property within the premises, like laboratories, doctor offices, clinics, pharmaceutical drugs that encounter a risk of being stolen. An access control system keeps track of who is coming and going out. Logging in every entry and exit of every individual.

Access controls can also restrict employees and limit the spaces which can be accessed within the premises. Like an employee may be able to enter the building, but may not be able to enter a specified area on the same premises because he is not allowed access to that area. In buildings with multiple floors. The access may be controlled in a few floors of the same building. The A.C. system can also take into account the day and time. Restricting a person’s access to a specific day or time. Employers can grant restricted access to any high risk and stock areas without heightening the risk of internal theft and damage to assets and inventory.

Many businesses will have numerous orientations. An access control will not just allow a business to restrict accesses to those employees who only need to enter a single building. But will also permit entry to those employees who need to enter all buildings.


An access control system can eliminate the requirement for print and photocopy ID cards since the security stalls hold the individual details electronically. It rejects piling of documents and the effort of disposing of the stored documents which are another added security measure.

Installing an electronic and integrated access control can minimize energy bills and cut carbon emissions. This can be done by establishing the system to exchange data with the building management system which assist in turning off lighting and heating in unpeopled areas.

An access control system can also restrict who enters and exits the parking area and also keep a track of the number of vehicles that have entered and exited and thus ban jams in this area.


Remote access can be one of the most favorable benefits of the system. Remote access may be defined as the capacity to get across to a computer network from a remote place. It enables access to networks for people who are traveling, at branch offices and telecommuters. Your system allows you to let in individuals when you are not there to do so yourself when furnished with the necessary credentials.

Irrespective of your location, an access control provides access to your business remotely intimating you from time to time regarding who is coming in or going out.

It minimizes risk by never granting more access than what is absolutely a most for each specific user in any situation.
Easy Integration. Stay In charge and Peace of Mind. An Access control system is very easy to integrate. Installing an effective system ensures safety from internal and external threats. No one can access your property or premises without appropriate credentials, which assure that everything from your most valuable assets to all the sensitive data is safe and secure.


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