Agriculture Drone That is Fully Automated

Dronee plane Agriculture Drone review

agriculture drone

Dronee is one of The best Agriculture Drone all over the market. It can provide a real help to users as it can do full automatic tasks, and easy to use!

Agriculture Drone

Dronee Plane is an Aerial Mapping Drone that does not require a pilot or previous training. The lightweight and high-speed drone that you can control it from an iPad. And it is good for agricultural land mapping. Fully automated drone for agriculture is one of the modern equipment which is being used in this modern technology. The hands-free farming uses the automated machines for agronomy which is done remotely without farm workers having to manually check on farm produce.

How the drone works

Dronee Plane the great agriculture drone has multispectral sensors that take images of the farm and help establish how much water we need on the farm and the fertility of the soil. The cameras identify where weed is growing, pest attack or any crop disease that is emerging. The images collected helps in tracking the change in plants, their daily health, and likely infection affecting the plant. It detected such problems early enough before the human naked eye can see them emerge. It facilitates better crop management, thus increasing the farms produce.

Identify all areas that need improvement calculating the vegetation index, which shows the health of your crop and also identifying the heat and energy emission of the crop. The 3D maps collected from the field will give a correct data of the soil analysis that will help you in planting faster and effectively. The soil analysis collected show the amount of Nitrogen level in the soil and when to start irrigation. Dronee is excellent in shedding off dew and excess water on crops that the two highly affected it. Fruit orchards suffer more when the fruits absorb the excess moisture. A low flying drone over the farm will disperse the excess water on the canopy.  If flying on a daily basis, you collect data on the farm that help you identify areas of improvement that lead to increased yields due to constant monitoring and crop attendance.

Agriculture Drone

Some drone features

Flexible EPP foam is the main material of Dronee. As it helps reduce camera vibration and it is easy to carry in the case. Provided thus convenient for daily use. Make an impromptu flying to survey the farm and capture high-quality images and data within one hour at a cruise speed of 40-90 km/h and a coverage of 10 km2. The lithium battery operated drone is chargeable to increase your flying time. It comes with one HUB (Ground Access Point) with a battery pack and two spare propellers. The radio link is up to 5km and an excellent landing accuracy of approximately 5m.

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