Amazon Smile : The Adorable Charity Service

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a service provided by Amazon. It is a charity precedence from the leading online product selling company.

Amazon Smile is a website that is created and operated by Amazon. It is the same as with only one difference, 0.5% of the product price will be donated to charity

What Is Amazon Smile?

It is so simple. Amazon Smile is the same as the usual site. You will find all the products that are on But, as we said before the product you buy Amazon will donate 0.5% of its price for charity.

How Does Amazon Smile work?

Have you ever Purchased a product from Amazon? well, it is almost the same thing you did before. The only thing that is going to change is the website. is the website for the service. Visit it and browse products, when you find your product buy it. Now you have donated 0.5% of the product purchase price, good for you.

Who Will Get My Donation?

The good thing about this service is that you can choose which charitable organization to receive your donation. That means you will ensure that your donation went the place you want. After selecting the product you want to buy, it will allow you to select the charitable organization that will receive your donation. You will be provided a list contains the registered charitable organizations.

How to register my own charitable organization to receive Donation?

so, If you own or represent a charitable organization. And you want to register it with Amazon Smile all you have to do is visiting this page  and follow the instructions.

also, if you know a charitable organization. Do not forget to let them know about this service even if you are not representing it.

for more information, you can visit the help section at Amazon

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