7 Best Combat Car Racing Games for Android

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The combat car racing games are one of the most admired game genres that attract a lot of players around the world. These powerful games are designed to offer you fun, adventure, and nerve-wracking experience. Let’s discuss 7 best combat car racing games for Android here.

Here is a list of the best car racing games for android

7. Clash for Speed

Clash for Speed is powerful combat car racing game designed by a dedicated team of game developers who have spent considerable time making it a reality. Here, this powerful game comes equipped with a lot of unique features & options to enhance your gaming experience. One of its unique features allows you to design your own 3D track for a race. You can draw this track using 3D track builder in the game. You can design a complex track to make it tough for opponents to win the trophies. It will also help you win more trophies that you can use to unlock other features of the game. In other features, it offers upgradable cars, original car stickers, deadly weapons, on-road obstacles & off-road traps, amazing environment, pre-defined tracks and more.


6. Death Race

Death Race is the official game of the movie. Here, you will find characters from movie race against each other in battle demolition car race. During the game, you need to race fast on asphalt tracks and shoot enemies to win the game. Here, you can select from tens of customized cars, SUVs, muscle cars, sports cars and more. To stand in fierce gun battle, you will get some lethal weapons including missile launchers, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns and more. You can even use power-ups to destroy the enemy.


5. Furious Death Car Fast Race

This might car racing & shooting game gives you a chance to demonstrate your shooting and racing skills. This endless death racing game comes loaded with thrilling 3D car racing action and makes you ruthless while driving on some of the most dangerous highways. During the game, you need to aim enemies at high speed and destroy them. Here, you will find deadly weapons, realistic 3D graphics, dangerous missions, real shooting sound effects and more.


4. Supercar Shooter

You can enjoy this synchronous multiplayer car racing game with your family & friends. Here, you will find multiple car options which you can use to drive on different race courses. It offers 7 championships and hours of adventure. During the game, you can upgrade your cars that may reach up to 480 km/h. This mighty game is designed to work on death race/kart race style. This racing & shooting game also offers a lot of ammunition to make your game full of adventure.


3. Furious Death Car Snow Racing

Experience this death car racing game where you will encounter some of the deadliest enemies in the world on snow racing simulator. During the game, you need to race on off-road tracks where you can destroy your enemies with Gatling guns & missile launchers. You can even earn bounty from various missions. Further, you need to shoot & race in sub-zero temperature that enhances the excitement of the game. This thrilling game is defined by a simple rule to kill or get killed.


2. Death Racing Fever

Death Racing fever offers you nerve-wracking shooting & racing experience. It offers a garage full of cars and other super-fast cars to make your racing experience fun. During the race, you need to face bombings, road mines and other threats from enemies that are meant to stop you. Further, enemy trucks & armored vehicles will also attack you with automatic shields. To save yourself from these attacks, you can drive in indestructible cars that are customized for your needs. In other features, it offers 10 thrilling racing missions, realistic sound effects, 3D graphics and more.


1. Gun Rider

Gun Rider is a survival game where you need to test your driving skills to save the humankind. It is one of the best car racing games around. Here, earth’s population is decimated by 99% due to deadly plague and you are one amongst the survivors. To save the human race, you need to bring antidote from the last remaining city on earth. To do this, you need to drive through some of the toughest terrains in hostile situations. The game allows you to upgrade your cars and customize it to fit into your needs. It also offers a lot of other features to make your racing experience full of adventure.


While the list is long when it comes to best combat car racing games, here we have discussed 7 best such games. If we have missed your favorite game here, feel free to comment below.


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