Data Backup apps for Android Phones

Data Backup

Everyone should have the skills that how to create a data backup for Android phones if happen something worse. But skills are not enough to hold the entire data stored in your particular android cell phone. The contemporary android smartphones provide the users enough space to store important and confidential data. Such as emails, contacts, calendars, snaps, videos and plenty of other financial statements. So, always go for easy and straightforward way to create a backup for all the above mention stuff.

Technology over the years has developed such a data backup tool that empowers you to create a data backup and as well as provide you the power to remotely eradication of the stuff stored in your lost, theft and broken android gadget. Make sure to have such data backup apps for your android phones that allow you restore the entire data of your phone and even to a removal of the data remotely in-case you have faced a serious breaching via cyberspace. Let’s discuss backup apps for android.

5 apps to have data backup for android phones

Backup yours Mobile

It is one of the best basic solutions for creating a backup for the data on your Android phone when needed. The program is not for having a backup for apps, system settings, and SMS, MMS and calls logs. It is UI is very simple and user-friendly and it only takes a little time to have backup stuff and poking around. No doubt it looks very antiquated, but on the other hand, you can use it for few times only. It is free for creating your own data backup, but it also has few bugs in its programming that’s why you possibly face mileage variations.


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Google Photos

It is basically a sort of counts as a cloud. However, the Google app for androids is a perfect and proficient tool for creating a data backup of your photos and videos without paying a single penny. But in fact, at the time you are using the particular software for securing your data, it will ask you to reduce the quality of the photos and videos a bit. Obviously, it would not be a big deal for you for your smartphone OS Android to have shutterbugs. The photos, videos, and other stuff are accessible through the website or via the app. An in-short user can view all the stored data when the android gadget is connected to the internet.

TOS Data Backup

data backup 2

It is genuinely an android phone monitoring software, but when it comes to creating a data backup it is one of the all-time best apps for android phone to secure the stored data. You just need to subscribe to the spy app for the android phone and then get the credentials through email of Gmail. Now install it on your android phone and activate it. Once you have done with it all the stored data within the Android phone will automatically sync into the online control panel of the cell phone data backup software for Android. It further allows a user to remotely remove the store data from the Android phone if lost, theft or broken.  A user can restore all the data of the Android phone by getting access to the online dashboard of the TOS data backup app.


Helium without the shadow of the doubt one of the oldest backups we have ever seen. You can use this particular software for your computers machines no matter what type of OS the particular machines are running with. Furthermore, you can get the software for backup at a reasonable price and do magic with it no matter what type of data you have stored on your android phones. It further empowers a user sync apps between android devices and backup alongside the cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google drive. It is convincingly one of the best software for non-root users.

List My Apps

It is quite unique as compare to the other typical data backup apps. Rather than creating the backup for your android phone, it will make the complete list of your apps stored on the cell phone for easy reference. It is best for those users that don’t want to use the cloud-based storage and don’t have multiple and internal backups and for the users that don’t want to use many apps. You will have the list in the shape of XML, plain text, BBCode, and market URLS. It would be quite better to have the complete list of stored material within the short time.


No doubt all the above-mentioned apps to have data backup for android gadgets but when it comes to best of the best then go for the TOS data backup software.



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