Embed Facebook page on your website

Embed Facebook page

Embed Facebook page on your website or blog using this simple guide

Embed Facebook page is a really easy step to do that can really help you with social marketing and socialize. Getting more site visitors to like your Facebook page will make their Facebook friends ( that don’t know about your website ) be announced about your Facebook page which will lead them directly to your website and that’s what we all desire !!

In this article. We will learn how to Embed the Facebook page on your website using either HTML Codes or using a simple Iframe code

But remember if you really want to grow your facebook page by getting visitors to your website. You first need to have a good SEO optimizing website
the first step you have to take is securing the connection between your website and visitors using SSL connection

Embed Facebook page on website

first, we will learn how to embed your Facebook page as a complete webpage that you can see posts in it.

To add This to your website you can use 2 methods.– As a Javascript and that means you will need to add 2 codes to your HTML page

Add This code to your opening  body Tag or after the closing  /head Tag :

Click here to get the code 

After adding it you can add This Code click to go to code At the place where you want the FB page to appear

Now you have to change the address that you will find 3 times in the code
from: https://www.facebook.com/townoftech/  To your facebook page address

And that was one last step of how to Embed Facebook page

-As an Iframe single easy code 

You can find the code in here and you should also change
townoftech that you will find in the code with your Facebook page’s name that you can find at the end of your Facebook link

To add only the Like button with cover photo and profile picture like This one : You also have the same 2 methods one using Javascript and another with the only iframe :

-JavaScript :

Add this code before closing /head tag: Click here for the code 

Then add This code to the place where you want the Facebook widget to appear at
Also, you will need to change https://www.facebook.com/townoftech/  To your facebook page address that appears 3 times at the code


Find the code here ..click to get it 
you should also change townoftech that you will find in the code with your Facebook page’s name that you can find at the end of your Facebook link

Facebook like widget for blogger

Now to Add that widgets to your Blogger all you need are going to layout at the blog control panel and then choose a place to add a new widget, pick an HTML Widget and simply put the Iframe code you desire in it, and don’t forget to change the page name to yours!



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