Facebook remote logout in few easy steps

Facebook remote logout

 Facebook remote logout: forgot your Facebook logged on at your friend’s place. Here is a guide on how to close it remotely

Facebook remote logout is a really important security method that everybody has to learn and benefit from it, many people forget their facebook account logged in on some devices and they just forget about it ,but guess what, anybody who uses this device may just have access to your Facebook account and who knows what may this person do !

But still, internet companies trying to secure users as much as possible, social media like Facebook is using the remote log out from all devices method to make sure that users are not logging in on another device that you don’t have access to.
Also, there is such a method in Gmail and Google, not only that but you can even track your location history and your devices ( Android mobile ) location history and movement in case you lost the device itself.

Remote logout Facebook :

Everyone had a period when he/she cleared out the Facebook account signed in another place that he cannot get to this moment and begins to stress over who will see it and how his protection will be screwed .. alright here is an awesome answer for that
Tailing you will discover 2 techniques for doing that, one for Mobile and one for desktop

Facebook remote logout Mobile

  1. Sign in with your Facebook account on your Facebook application from mobile.
  2. Tap ☰. It’s in on the base right corner of the screen (for iPhone) or at the highest point of the screen (for Android).
 3. Look down and click Settings (for iPhone) or Account Settings (for Android). The two choices are at the base of the menu; an iPhone, you’ll have to go to Account Settings in the wake of clicking Settings.
   4.Tap settings for Account. In case you’re utilizing on Android, avoid this progression.
5.click on Security. It’s toward the highest corner of the screen.
face book
6. Click “Where You Logged In.” You can see this alternative close to the base of the screen.
7.click X by any areas you wish to end the season at. Everything on this rundown corresponds to a gadget what you logged in.

Facebook Remote Logout Desktop

1-Snap ▼. This bolt is in the upper right half of the page, to one side of question mark symbol.

2-Snap Settings. It’s close to the base of this menu.
3-Snap Security. It’s on the high left half of the screen.
4-click Where You’re Logged In. It’s toward at base of the choices on this screen.
5-Click the device from one of this list.
6-Snap End Activity. Doing as such will log you out of the chose area on your chose gadget and expel the thing from this rundown.

I received a question says that remotelogout not working

well, after searching for the reason. I figured out that user that asked me didn’t notice that there was more than 1 device connected. so I would say simply,, click on logout from all devices.


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