Flying cars are real and going to be in skies soon

flying cars

Flying cars technology are available soon for everyone, everywhere

Flying cars, the transportation of the future is not a dream anymore and its almost here.

In this article, we are going to review many models as prototypes of this cars.

Technology of the Flying Car

surprisingly flying cars that we expect to see soon is not just one type, there are several types of flying cars already out there and it`s expected to be seen in the skies soon, and now we are presenting some ready to fly prototypes.

1. Lilium

The German aviation startup, carrying up to 5 people

Top speed 186 mph (300KM)
Power Electric
Take off and landing Vertical

2. Terrafugia: The Transition

Terrafugia “Roadable aircraft”, it is under development since 2006, you can drive it like a typical car on the roads, guess what ? you can order it now for 300,000$ and it will fit in your garage

Top speed 100mph
Cruise Range 400 miles
Power Unleaded Petrol

3. Kitty Hawk: The Flyer

Kitty Hawk, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, this open-seated flying machine was created for recreational use, the true version will be available by the end of the current year.

Maximum flight 22 minutes
Takeoff and Landing Vertical on water

4. Uber: Elevate

Power Electric
Takeoff and Landing Vertical
uber is planning to take it`s ride-sharing to a vertical level with elevating. But it will not be too easy because there will be barriers such as certification. Battery technology, and infrastructure.
but these barriers are not really taking uber down. They hired a long-serving Nasa researcher and we will soon see this new service from Uber.

And as we see. Technology development pace is going faster than we never imagined. You can also check on the Self-driving cars Technology that is going to be in everyone’s hand soon.

It is not only self-driving cars but also you should read about the self-flying plans technology that will be here sooner than we think.


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