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focus keyword

Get the best out of your focus keyword to be visible on search engines

Focus keyword is your main keyword that has to be visible in some specific spots on your page to make it shine in front of search engines.

Keyword is your key to success, Using the right keyword can be your strongest weapon that you will rank higher than anyone else using it, or will suicide and kill your page forever

With a good keyword research, you can define the best keyword and secondary keywords to use on your page.


 SEO focus keyword

SEO is the one thing that all (webmasters) are trying to obey, every website owner or manager is just trying to be optimal for SEO because only it can ensure giving people the chance to find the website.

After doing the right keyword research and defining the main focus keyword for your page then it is time to find out where should you use the keyword in your post  :

  • As the first word on your post title ( Should not be less than 30 characters or more than 60 characters)
  • should be used within the search description section (not less than 145 characters or more than 160 characters ).
  • Is used in your main heading phrase
  • Include it at your image’s name ( use “-” instead of spaces at your image’s name)
  • Use as the alt attribute for your image
  • Should be used as the first word in your first paragraph on the page’s body
See the images below for more information :


title and main heading of the post


the 1st word in the 1st paragraph of the post


 the search description


Focus keyword density

Too much of a good thing turns into a Bad thing,, yes its true, your focus keyword should not be used too much at your article or search engine‘s crawlers will deal with it as a spam word , and you don’t want that to happen for sure because it’s going to affect the whole website’s rank .

What is a good keyword density percentage

You should not let it go less than 1% of your total words in the post
Ideal is 1.5% and if you have to use it more often
Never go for more than 5% or 6% of your total words


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