Google location history of you and many other info

Google location history
Google location history and much other information that Google knows about you, you will be surprised on how deep google got into our life’s and they really know all the info that you may need to go back and check on it anytime you want

1. resolve what Google cares you

In order to serve relevant ads, Google collects information regarding you and creates a profile. you’ll be able to manage and review the knowledge Google has on you here:

Also Google conjointly encompasses a tool known as Google Analytics, that helps publishers see what pages you’ve got viewed on their website, what number times you’ve got visited it, however long did you keep etc. you’ll opt if you don’t wish this kind of information to be collected:


2. conclude your Google location history

If you utilize automaton, your mobile device is also causing your location to Google. you’ll be able to see your entire location history here:


3. determine your entire Google Search history

And then Google saves every single search you have. Also On high of that, they record each Google ad you  clicked on. So This log is out there in Google net history controls:

4. Get a monthly security and privacy report from Google

Also Google offers an Account activity page that tells you concerning all the Google services you’re exploitation. And then you’ll even change a monthly report which will send to your email:


5. establish all the apps and extensions that are accessing your Google information

Also The Account activity page conjointly. Offers an inventory of all the apps that have any sort of access to your information. So then You’ll be able to see the precise sort of permissions granted to the app. And revoke access to your information here:


6. Export all of your knowledge out of Google

Google allows you to export all of your data: bookmarks, emails, contacts, drive files, profile data, your youtube videos, photos and a lot of here:


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