Google WiFi review, The wireless evolution

Google WiFi review

Google WiFi review: Google WiFi is easy to use and a breeze to set up.It has the fastest speed and mas coverage, It is considered the best way to blanket your house with internet and It costs a lot less than other mesh WiFi systems.

Google wifi review

What is the best and worst notes about the Google wifi machine:


  • It is Clean to use
  • Sturdy coverage, Probably the best till now.
  • Google Routers Costs a lot much less than other machines
  • in order to use Google WiFi, you must have gmail account and a cell smartphone for setup and control. As you need to download a small application from the play store.
  •  It is not very handy, due to lack of functions in WiFi placing use interface.

Notes to do not forget :

Before finishing this Google WiFi review please notice this:

  •  it does not have an internet-based totally interface however it is controlled by a cellular app.
  • going online the usage of google wifi does not gather your facts like traveling a website

Google wifi coverage :

1- small flat or studio

500-1500 square meters

2-medium home :

1500-3000 square meters

3-huge apartment :

3000-4500 square meter
Well, that means you can have your full place covered with a perfect internet. Even if your place is a huge place that another normal router cannot cover it.
Also, AFter reading that Google WiFi review. Having the ability to configure your router from your smartphone application is a great option. Because you simply can connect all of the other smart devices into your wide-range router. and control all of it using your smartphone.
So, having the Google smart assistant speaker or google glasses is a good idea if you are using the google wifi machine.
that will give you full control of your smart items.


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