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GTA San andreas main cahrcter
By: Peter Pham

GTA San Andreas main character: nearly every gamer and even each standard one spent hours and hours taking part in that game attempting to induce a stronger CJ and finishing missions whereas gaining money and doing medication or perhaps whores

along the approach we tend to meet several characters  that completed the storyline of the game to form it one in every of the foremost superb games ever been, now I’ll surprise you with uncovering the face of each character voice player as shown below :

1. GTA San Andreas main character

2. CJ

We begin with our GTA San Andreas main character Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson the most character of the game that is our San Andreas hero. The whole storyline of the game goes on this man. find out who played the voice of him.
That performer was Young Maylay 

3. Sweet Johnson

GTA San Andreas main character the brother, Now we move to the brother Sean ‘Sweet’ Johnson that always saved CJ’s ass in many hard situations
Faizon Love
The performer was Faizon Love

4. Kendall Johnson

Now to the sister that invariably was shouting within the game Kendall Johnson
Yolanda Whittaker
The performer was Yolanda Whittaker

5. Big smoke

And now to my own favorite character Melvin ‘Big Smoke’ Harris
Clifton Powell
The performer was Clifton Powell

6. Ryder

The crazy dude Lance ‘Ryder’ Wilson
MC Eiht
The performer was MC Eiht

7. OG Loc

Maybe that skinny guy had a lot do in the story .

Jas Anderson
Jas Anderson as OG Loc

8. Officer Tenpenny

Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson as Officer Tenpenny

9. Big Bear

Big Boy
Big Boy as Barry ‘Big Bear’ Thorne

10. Emmet

Eugene Jeter Jr

Eugene Jeter Jr. as Emmet


11. Video

Ok that was the few main characters in the game and that I can allow you to see that short video for the total character performers within the game even those that did not play a giant role
The most shocking one on behalf of me was that little Samuel L. Jackson contends the cop’s role therein game.I admit it perhaps it’s associate recent game however still one among the foremost awe-inspiring reminiscences of plenty of individuals.
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