How to add wireless charging to any phone

How to add wireless charging to any phone

Learn How to add wireless charging to any phone and start enjoying the great feature

How to add wireless charging to any phone. Using some special mobile case or an item that can be plugged into the phone. See further to learn each way

Fret not, wireless charging aficionados. Even if fewer phones support it out of the box. You do have choices for adding wireless charging to your high-end phone though avowedly. Perhaps not as several choices as you’d like.

For a couple of years, every single high-end smartphone (with one notable, iPhone-shaped exception) came with wireless charging enclosed. That appears to possess modified. The 2016 flagship phones from Google, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Sony. And even the fan-favorite OnePlus lack each qi and PMA charging. It appears Samsung is that the solely major player still fascinated by the feature.

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Wireless Charging Phone Cases

The first method to How to add wireless charging to any phone. When wireless charging initial started showing phones running Android and alternative operational systems. Some of iPhone fans were intelligibly pissed that their top-of-the-line gadgets didn’t have the choice. Third parties rush to fill the buyer void. And therefore the answer they came up with was a phone case. That combined basic protection with a wireless charging coil and an integrated charging port attachment. Voila—wireless charging for iPhones.
Mophie is perhaps the most effective familiar of those gadgets, providing its Charge Force cases ($60 for iPhone seven and seven Plus) and Juice Pack Air with an integrated external battery ($100, iPhone seven and seven Plus). That doesn’t embody a charging pad, however, the company’s technology supports each qi and PMA standards. It sells wireless cases for the Samsung Galaxy series too, however since those phones already support wireless charging, they solely go along with the external battery choice. Mophie doesn’t support the other phone brands.
Mophie is just about the sole game in the city once it involves major vendors. the massive drawbacks to the current approach are a high price tag and a large style. And, you may be ready to notice a far cheaper wireless charging case—for a far wider kind of smartphones—by looking out at your favorite online merchandiser.

Stick-On Wireless Charging tools

Stick-on adapters provide an additional universal answer. If your phone doesn’t have the circular RF coil that’s the core of any wireless charging device, simply add one on. uninterested with attempting to match the ever-growing sort of phone styles with custom-fit cases, accent suppliers have cut the fat and easily wrapped a coil in an exceedingly plastic protecting case, stuck on some glue, and add a USB charging port. It’s a versatile answer that wants solely a number of basic models to hide nearly any phone.
The advantage to adhesive adapters is convenience. Match one amongst these external pads up to your phone’s charging port (USB-C, Apple Lightning, or MicroUSB), stick it on the rear, and you’re sensitive to travel. They’re conjointly less expensive than wireless charging cases, and they’re usually slim enough to sit beneath the plastic of a typical, non-charging phone case. the sole drawback could be a rather ugly flat cable that must be unplugged if you would like to use a standard charging cable.
Sporting an occasional value and compatibility with much all phones and case mixtures, these adapters area unit most likely the simplest bet for many users.
And that was a guide to How to add wireless charging to any phone.


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