How to speed up computer if it is running slow

how to speed up computer

How to speed up computer

If your laptop or computer isn’t running as fast as you’d like it to. And you need to know how to speed up computer. There are several things that you can do to speed it up, all of which I hope to outline in this article.

When optimizing your system’s performance, it’s a task you should look at as spring cleaning, removing those redundant files and applications, speeding up your hard drive, all the things you have neglected to do over the years.

Before we get to the various steps that you can use, rather than speed your system up manually, there is a quicker way than to do it, which is by using a disk cleaner tool. Discerning between the tools that are worth it and those that are not can be somewhat difficult, especially for the beginner. That is why I personally recommend you use Ccleaner, which is free to use system optimization tool.

Anyway, the steps you should take are the following:

1. Uninstall Unused Applications

One of the main way for how to speed up computer. On your computer system, there are two types of applications that can adversely affect the performance of your computer. The first is the applications that are installed on your computer, but you no longer use. These programs consume hard drive space for no good reason. You can remove these applications by doing the following:

1. First, boot into your computer with full administrative rights.

2. Then press Windows Key + R, and type appwiz.cpl into the Run Command box and click on OK.

3. When Add or Remove Programs loads up, simply click on the Application(s) (you would like to remove), then click on Uninstall.

how to speed up computer

The second type of application that adversely affects your system performance is those that run during system boot up. These applications will usually show up in the toolbar, and they not only take up hard drive space, but they also consume RAM, as they are constantly running.

If it’s not a priority that such programs run during boot up, then it should be possible for you to disable that feature of the tool from within its options.

2. Delete Junk Files

As you use your computer more and more, the hard drive will begin to fill up with the programs and files that you store on it. This, of course, affects the system performance negatively, as your system has to work harder to load programs and access the files that it wants. In this particular situation, removing junk files, which is something Ccleaner is adept at, will restore much of your system’s performance.

Duplicate files are another thing that you should look out for. These will usually be stored as either photo or music files. There are no negatives to removing duplicate files and there are several duplicate file removers that you can use to do it.

You also have the built-in Windows Cleanup tool, which you can use to conserve hard drive space. It does this by removing the contents of your Recycle Bin, deleting the files in your temporary folder and various other things.

So that, we all see that one of the most effective ways to be mentioned in a guide named how to speed up computer is deleting junk!

o run this tool, simply do the following:

1. Boot into your computer with full administrative rights.

2. Then press Windows Key + R, type c:\windows\SYSTEM32\cleanmgr.exe /Drive into the Run Command box and click on OK.

Note: /Drive represents the drive that you would like to scan. So if it was the D drive, you would type D:\.

Once the tool has successfully finished scanning your computer, it will give you the option to select which areas of the computer you would like to clean out. It will also give you the number, representing the amount of hard drive space you will save by cleaning out that specific area of the computer.

3. Run a Malware Scan

Scanning your computer system is something that you should be doing on a regular basis, ideally once a week. If your computer has been infected by a malicious file, it will replicate and begin to destroy important system files. This, in turn, will adversely affect the performance of your computer. Regularly checking for viruses, at least once per week, will prevent that from happening.

4. Defragment Your Hard Drive

Cleaning out your hard drive is one way of speeding up your computer, but the way in which the data is arranged inside the hard drive will also affect the hard drives speed.

If you’ve been removing files and programs all over the computer, then it’s more than likely that you will have a hard drive littered with data all over it. This makes it difficult for the hard drive to access data whenever you call upon it to carry out a specific task. This is where the disk defragment tool comes into play, as it will arrange all your data in a sequential fashion and in some cases by an application (depending on how good the tool is that you use), this makes it significantly easier for the hard drive to do whatever you ask it to do.

To run this tool, simply do the following:

1. First, boot into your computer; make sure you have administrative rights.

2. Then press Windows Key + R, type dfrgui (into the Run Command box) and click on OK.

3. Once Disk Defragmenter loads up, select the drive you would like to defrag, and then click on Defragment Disk.

how to speed up computer

Note: Do not use the disk defragmenter tool on SSD drives.

5. Upgrade Your System

If you’re still unable to make your computer significantly faster after attempting all the methods above, it may be time for you to consider an upgrade, as your hardware components may be too outdated.

There are many different ways that you can upgrade your computer, but it’s always best to start with the things that are easier to implement, such as RAM. If you have 8GB of RAM, why not consider doubling that. If you have a slow CPU, that’s another thing that you may want to upgrade.

You can also purchase a new hard drive, maybe an upgrade to an SSD drive, all you’ll need is the appropriate software to copy the data from your old drive to your new one.

So, following this is a trusted guide on how to speed up computer.


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