Internet explorer for mac download

Internet explorer for mac

Download internet explorer that works with Mac Computer

Internet Explorer for Mac is highly demanded especially that internet explorer is not as bad as it used to be years ago. also, it looks professional with a lot of features that can help users and give them a better experience surfing websites online.

it also can do a bit more than just browsing a website, see below


Internet Explorer for Mac features:


  • Auto-complete in the address bar when you type a part of the URL or the page title.
  • it also searches favorites and history to get a better result.
  • The menu called GO it allow access to persistent global history.
  • Tasman rendering engine gives a superior CSS support.
  • Text zoom option allows the user to resize text on any page, regardless of how text size is specified.

Download Internet Explorer for Mac


Here’s a download link from softonic.Com

Features that only found in Mac computer Internet explorer and now windows version :

Source: Wikipedia 


  • Support for annotative glosses to Japanese kanji and Chinese characters.
  • Scrapbook feature lets the user archive any page in its current state.
  • Auction Manager feature automatically tracks eBay auctions.
  • Although web explorer for mackintosh didn’t have any PNG support in the least till version 5.0 (a year or 2 when alternative major browsers), the PNG support value-added in this version was outstandingly sturdy, together with transparency and color correction.
  • Support for matching online page colors using ColorSync.
  • A choice to modify the browser color, to match the colors of the iMac G3. the primary builds had a selection of nine colors, however later builds had fifteen.
  • The URL auto-complete window within the pre-Carbon versions was semitransparent and blur.
  • the content behind to take care of readability of the recommended completions. this can be the first time AN app had a blur semitransparent window and, an impression of the design of iOS seven many years later.The later Carbon versions simply used mackintosh OS X inbuilt window translucency while not blurring.
  • Print Preview practicality providing adjustment of the font-size from among the preview pane.
  • Page Holder sidebar practicality allows users to hold a rendered page within the sidebar (a links-only view is available too)
  • and, load click links within the main browser window. a lot of this practicality replaced with tabbed browsing in later browsers, however not the links-only read.
  • As with previous ie mackintosh versions, and in common with several alternative Macintosh web software.
  • the URL for that content downloadable is side to the Finder’s Comment field (visible through getting Info).
  • Support for the web Config system. therefore, A big support of Macintosh-only versions, usually higher than Netscape


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