Keyword research guide for niche sites

keyword research

 keyword research is the most important step  when writing an article that aims to be SEO friendly page

Keyword research is the very first step. It can be either the key to success that is going to make your page shine. Or the grave of your article that’s going to bury it.

Keyword suggestion tool

It is the main method of finding the perfect keyword for your keyword research. You should never use your niche name as your main keyword as (Technology – computer – music – etc,,,) because it will be the most competing keyword you can use and trust me it is not easy to appear when there is a real monster using the same niche as yours , but you can use one of the keyword suggestion tools  to get a great suggestions that are related to your niche and start your keyword research journey till you find the perfect keywords for your keyword research. Your first step is to use one of the best keyword suggestions tools: Uber suggests Free Keyword Tool
You should choose to search in WEB and then choose the language and region, in our example we will pick English-us to search and we will find a keyword for the niche ( Remote desktop )
good keyword
After searching for your keyword ( Remote Desktop ) you will find few good suggestions for your keyword pick the closest one that looks to be good Headings on your page and close to your main niche , its prefered to pick few keyword from the 1st 10 results because they seem to be the closest to drive the searcher to your main niche .
When searching Remote desktop I found those keywords that fit :
  • First: Remote desktop ( That’s the main niche which we will try to filter it out in another step)
  • Second: Remote desktop connection ( can be used as a good subheading )
  • Third: Remote desktop software ( can also be a good subheading )
Don’t worry we are not finished yet that’s just the beginning of the long run we will are doing for the final longtail keywords.

keyword research tool

Now That you have few keywords to start the research using it, the 2nd step is a very promising method that almost no one mention which is the Searches related section at the very bottom of Google search page.
good keyword1
After searching the three keywords in google and looking for better longtail keywords in the search related section found out those keywords :
  • Remote desktop Microsoft
  • Remote desktop software
  • How do I enable remote desktop
  • Best free remote access software
( Kindly note that we are aiming for longtail keywords with a good search trend because that’s a higher chance to be caught easily in google by more users, we ignore the single keywords )


Now one more step for the research is to get few more suggestions for a longer term and see if there is a better chance that we are missing using the great longtail keyword tool:
This great tool will find few more suggestions for you from, Wikipedia,, youtube, bing, Amazon and
You will search the current keyword list that you have up there. And find out if there are better keywords to add to your list without removing your current keyword list we will filter all of the keywords later.And I prefer to pick results from google section
good keyword2

Here are some good keywords I found after digging for a while in soovle:

  • remote desktop software for small business
  • remote desktop software review
  • how do I enable remote desktop connection
  • best free remote access software for pc


Now using this list and the last another list we should filter some few keywords, and this will happen like: Remote desktop Microsoft OR Remote desktop software for small business ( we will pick the higher search volume one in upcoming step )

Remote desktop software review we will use it instead of Remote desktop software because it is a longtail version of the same keyword ( searching for both remote desktop software with or without review will get people to your site )

how do I enable remote desktop connection we will do the same as above because it is also a longtail version of the same keyword up there

Best free remote access software for pc Same-thing we will pick it over the other similar but shorter keyword

Now the keyword list we have is :

  • First: Remote desktop Microsoft
  • Second: Remote desktop software for small business
  • Third: Remote desktop software review
  • Fourth: Best free remote access software for pc
one last filtration process will be done now. Which is the keyword search volume search to pick our last keyword list and start working.

keyword search volume

No doubt that is the best keyword search volume tool all over the internet is google keyword planner tool, and here is a guide on how to use it.
first of all, you have to create an account on Google Adwords and start a campaign ( you don’t  have to finish the campaign or pay for it just create it to get access to the keyword planner tool )

Then go to google keyword planner tool 

Go to the section called get search volume and data trends then write down all of the keywords you have at the last list after filtering then press get search volume to get the search volume of every keyword, P.S: write every keyword in a single line.

good keyword3

Now you will see the search volume for every single keyword and also the competition on every keyword, and I would like to suggest not picking more than 4 keywords as the maximum that you will use like one as a focus keyword, and the others as subheadings.

good keyword4

And here is the result I had :

Microsoft remote desktop:: Pretty good search volume with low competition
that’s the perfect main keyword for you, you will as a focus keyword

Read that article on how to use your focus keyword and normal keywords

that focus keyword is a longtail perfect keyword that many seed searches can lead to it
-Microsoft remote desktop
-Remote desktop
-How to use Microsoft remote desktop
-A guide to using Microsoft remote desktop  And many more

Filtration of your keywords:

Remote desktop software review: Low search volume with high competition .. forget it
that is a real bad keyword

Best free remote access software: that is a pretty good keyword maybe not really high search volume and a medium competition but it’s not bad for a secondary keyword
( you still can take that keyword and start getting suggestions from soovle and uber suggest to replace with a higher one )

Remote desktop software for small: No volumes at all .. ignore it

So, after all, you now have 2 keywords one as main focus keyword
and the other as a secondary keyword

you will use both like that :

Microsoft remote desktop: your focus keyword that will be in title and H1 or H2 tags and also at the main picture alt tag and name. Read more about how to use your focus keyword

Remote desktop software review: you will use it as a subheading and start suggesting some good remote desktop software for the user to use ( preferred to put it at the end of the article).


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