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leap Motion survey

Touch is changing how we interface with PCs, and movement control can do likewise

Leap motion is the new method of using your bare hands to control your pc or laptop without even touching the screen.

The device is simply a big jump for the future. we witnessed many items like that in some movies that is meant to be in the future. But guess what, the future is happening right now and we can use the technology.

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gesture interaction technology

leap Motion review: Signal association with PCs had for some time been the stuff of science fiction, until the current socially-unbalanced ostentatious diversions, for example, Xbox Kinect started to enter the standard.

Review of leap motion

Since touchscreens have moved the human-PC collaboration past the syndication of the mouse-console union without precedent for a long time, would we say we are currently at a point where we can put some separation amongst us and our PCs? Would we be able to teach them without guide contact however now move to the new union of voice-signal?
Jump Movement is the principal genuine standard contender for a high constancy signal fringe. It tracks the development of hands in two square feet of room above it with fantastic speed and precision.
The principal question everyone asks is, ‘So what would it be able to do?’. The short answer is today, practically nothing. Tomorrow? Indeed, I without a doubt am a devotee. What we have here is a restriction of creative ability, not of innovation. That is normally an impetus for advancement. And imagine what can we achieve with such a great technology when combined with Wifi.

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