Make A Phone Call With You Fingertip

SGNL smart strap review

Make A Phone Call

Make a phone call with no speaker. one of the most amazing technologies that are going to change the world of communications soon. You won’t need to pick up the phone to talk with someone. Or even use any equipment. just talk to your bare hands then everything is ok.

The gadget we are reviewing here is a watch band that lets you make a phone call by talking to your own bare hand. just act like you are holding a phone in your hand. Put your hand next to your cheek touching your ear with your fingertip, and having the bottom of your hand near your mouth. Then make a phone call.


The technology that is being used here depends on the bones connecting your fingertips to your entire hand bones. The sound can easily move within your bones and by touching your ear you will hear a clear sound.

How it works 

  • A great feature about those smart straps that you can attach it to any watch you want to perfectly fit your outfit.
  • Then you connect the strap to your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.
  • Now when you answer a call on your phone. The speaker in your smart strap will start receiving sounds from your smartphone and be sending it out. The first thing that will receive the sound waves and start moving it is your hand bones.
  • Now when you touch your ear with your finger will have a clear sound of what is being said.
  • When you start talking, the build in mice in the smart strap will receive your voice and send it back to the phone. Which is going to use it in the call and the caller will hear what you say.

Finger phone

You can use a smartwatch with the smart straps so you can answer and make calls right from your hands without even touching the mobile phone.

Also, you may use a Hologram wristband like Cecret bracelet That allows you to interact with your smartphone touchscreen by touch your own skin.

Sgnl smart straps


Sgnl smart straps are the leading and trending smart straps which is being sold now. The item is a perfect innovation with almost no competitors that truly counts at the moment.





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