Paying with your face technology Complete review

Paying with your face

paying with your face system available  now in China and soon will go globally

Paying with your face is the newest payment method. That we will use everywhere without the need for holding cards or pin-codes. Just scan your face with some specific equipment and the payment is done

Future of facial recognition

Shortly once walking through the door at Face++. A Chinese startup valued at roughly a billion greenbacks. I see my face, mustachioed and looking somewhat jet-lagged. Flash abreast of an oversized screen close to the doorway.
paying with your face
Having been adscititious to a database, my face currently provides automatic access to the building. It may also be accustomed monitor my movements through every area within. As I tour the offices of Face++. Set in a very suburban area of Beijing. I see it seem on many a lot of screens. Mechanically captured from incalculable angles by the company’s package. On one screen a video shows the package chase eighty-three totally different points on my face at the same time. It’s a small degree creepy. However undeniably spectacular.


Over the past few years. Computers became unbelievably sensible at recognizing faces. And therefore the technology is increasing quickly in China in the interest of each police investigation and convenience. Face recognition may remodel everything from policing to the method individuals act a day with banks, stores, and transportation services.

paying with your face technology

Also many widespread apps already started to use Technology from Face++. It’s potential to transfer cash through Alipay. A mobile payment app utilized by quite one hundred twenty million folks in China. Mistreatment solely your face as credentials. But China’s dominant ride-hailing company. Uses the Face++ software package to let passengers ensure that the person responsible the wheel may be a legitimate driver. (A “liveness” take a look at, designed to forestall anyone from duping the system with a photograph, needs folks being scanned to maneuver their head or speak whereas the app scans them.)

And The technology figures to require off in China 1st as a result of the country’s attitudes toward police investigation and privacy. Unlike, China encompasses a giant centralized information ID card photos. throughout my time at Face++, I saw however native governments are victimization its software package to spot suspected criminals in the video from police investigation cameras, that are omnipresent within the country. this is often particularly impressive—albeit somewhat dystopian—because the footage analyzed is the way from excellent, and since mug shots or alternative pictures on file could also be many years old.

How does paying with your face work

Facial recognition has existed for many years And now could be it correct enough to use it in secure money transactions. The new versions use deep learning, an artificial intelligence technique that’s particularly effective for image recognition as a result of it makes a pc zero in on the facial expression which will most faithfully determine someone

“The face recognition market is big,” says Shiliang Zhang, an assistant professor at Peking University WHO makes a specialty of machine learning and image process. Zhang heads a research lab shortly from the offices of Face++. after I arrived, his students were operating away furiously in a very dozen some cubicles. “In China security is incredibly vital, and that we even have scores of folks,” he says. “Lots of corporations are functioning on it.”


One such company is Baidu, that operates China’s most well-liked programme, in conjunction with different services. Baidu researchers have revealed papers showing that their software package rivals most humans in its ability to acknowledge a face. In January, the corporate evidenced this by participating in a television program that includes those who are remarkably smart at identifying adults from their baby photos. Baidu’s system outshined them.

Face ++

Face++ pinpoints eighty-three points on a face. the gap between them provides a way of identification.
Now Baidu is developing a system that lets individuals obtain rail tickets by showing their face. the corporate is already operating with the govt. of Wuzhen, a historic traveler destination, to produce access to several of its attractions while not a price ticket. This involves scanning tens of thousands of faces in a database to seek out a match, that Baidu says it will do with 99 % accuracy.

There is also Jie Tang, an associate professor at Tsinghua University who suggested the founders of Face++ as students, says the convenience of the technology is what appeals most to folks in China. Some living accommodations complexes use automatic face recognition to produce access, and retailers and restaurants are trying to the technology to form the client expertise power tool. Not solely will he buy things this manner, he says, however, the employees in some occasional retailers are currently alerted by an automatic face recognition system once he walks in: “They say, ‘Hello, Mr. Tang.’”


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