Pix2pix the brilliant new A.I. technology


Pix2pix is the image to image translation system.

Pix2pix is a technique that uses an Artificial intelligence. Used to do an image to image translation. which means changing the input image from only a few lines to full drawn output image as shown in the image.

It is able to understand the lines you draw then create the main shape of your drawing. After that, it fills the image with colors and effects to turn it as real as a photographed picture. It feels the drawing with colors to give it a realistic look then it will look like a photographed picture. It happens using the new technology called “GAN” Generative Adversarial Networks.


Pix2pix human

By using the normal pix2pix tool that you can find online. It will be hard to draw a perfect human face using only shapes.

But you will need a much better technology that is called G.A.N. (Generative Adversarial Networks) that improved by Nvidia.

Generative Adversarial Networks

image to image translationIt is an artificial intelligence algorithm that is used with self-learning machines. This system can produce images that look at least superficially true to humans. Pix2pix method it counting on it. Creating many realistic characters that do not exist. All these faces are not real and The GAN technology created them. the data given to the machine was a few lines and the machine created that human-looking faces. Then it gave back as an output which is a very satisfying result.

The idea of creating very human-looking faces is horrible in some way. imagine how many scammers can create a fake I.D. with this technology. also, it can be used in a very good way of making – as an example – the characters in games. which can make it more realistic and human looking. note that the creators and developers of this technology are Nvidia. the leading company in games graphics field.

So, as you can see it’s not a hard thing now to create a very human looking face and use it in any propose and we wish to see people using it the good ways!


pix2pix online

Everyone can try this technology now online at this link. Try pix2pix.
you can try to draw something and drawing it means to give the computer outlines of the desired image.
Then it will return it to you as a complete perfect photograph. go try it

Pix2pix on Twitter

Final words  

As we see technology development is going at the fastest pace ever. We have now Flying cars that will be on your rooftop soon.

this technology is a great leap for the future.  let us just wish that it people will not use it in wrong ways!

Here are some pictures that are created by pix2pix :

1. A woman’s face

2. Cartoon man face

3. some other examples



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