How to Print PDF Locked Files Online – Top 2 Techniques

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With the continuous development in technology, the sharing of documents becomes easier and more prevalent. Via applying security on PDF files, users can secure PDFs and control other user actions on the documents. One can secure the PDF document by two methods one is applying password and other is by using restrictions. PDF protection prevents user’s work from being modifying, printed, replicated, etc. However, due to security settings on PDF files users cannot print PDF secured documents. But, the main problem arises when users don’t know how to print locked PDF files online. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided the two best solutions i.e. Google Drive and Online PDF Password Remover tool which helps users to print protected PDF file online without any hassle. Along, with this prominent features of the tool are also covered in this write-up.

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Well, it all depends on the source from which user acquires the PDF. Now, the main question is how to print secured PDF file free online? Thus, in order to answer this query, we are here with this editorial. This article will introduce users to some manual and automatic techniques to execute the task without any data loss. So, let us get started!

Manual Approach to Print Protected PDF File Online

Users cannot print PDF secured documents until the print restrictions are removed from it. So, before executing the print command on a locked PDF, one needs to remove security from PDF. So, follow the below-mentioned guidelines and learn how to print PDF locked files online:

1- First, open your Google Drive and click on New button

2- Select File Upload option from the menu list and hit the double click on secured PDF

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3- After uploading the locked PDF, open this file in Google Drive and hit the Print icon on the top right

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4- In Print window, click on Change

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5- Here, choose Save as PDF option in Local Destinations section

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6- Now, hit the Save button and browse the destination location to save the output file

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7- Navigate to the location where you saved the unlocked PDF and check that the printing is allowed or not. For this, click on File >> Properties >> Security and here the Printing status is Allowed

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  • The lengthy process if there are several files
  • Requires technical expertise to execute


 How to Print PDF Locked Files Online With Professional Tool?

Preventing users from printing  PDF secured document is one of the most efficient ways to protect PDF files from being circulated. As the printed files can be simply replicated or scanned then, duplicated. Yet, sometimes it may be the requirement of the user to print protected PDF file online. So, if you want to permit users to allow printing the secured PDF then use Online PDF Unlocker Tool.

This tool enables the user to print a secured PDF file online. Users do not require to download an application to execute the task. The software quickly removes security from PDF files so that users can print protected PDF files easily in few simple clicks. Now, to know how to print PDF locked files online, users have to follow some simple steps. They need to upload the locked PDF file in tool and enter the email address in which they want to receive the unsecured PDF file. After a few seconds of uploading the PDF file, the unprotected PDF will be sent to user’s email address by the Tool. Now, users can simply print the output PDF file without any trouble. Some eminent features of this software are the following:

  • Remove Owner level security from PDF files
  • Unlock PDF files for free without any data loss
  • Remove password from PDF documents
  • Allows users to print protected PDF file online
  • Remove alphanumeric password from PDF
  • Unlock strongly encrypted PDF documents
  • Keeps PDF file data safe and secure
  • Remove PDF restrictions: Copy, Print, Edit and Extract
  • An easy and free technique to unlock PDF files

    Concluding Lines

    Today there are several users who are searching the solution for the same query how to print locked PDF files online? In this article, we have disclosed a few easy and cost-efficient solutions for the same. Now, users can opt for any solution according to their current requirement and preferences.


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