Know Why Users Are Unable to Print PDF from Google Chrome

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I often print PDF files by using firefox browser but, now I switched to Google Chrome browser. However, when I tried to take print out of some of my PDF documents the print button appears grey due to which I am unable to take the print. Does anyone know how to enable print button in PDF files? Please share!!

I had downloaded the ebook in PDF file format, but when I navigate towards the print option. The print button Was disabled in PDF? Don’t know the exact reason behind this issue. Does anyone know why PDF printing operation is not permitted?

Are you also among those people whose is unable to print PDF from google chrome. If yes? Then, read the blog and resolve your query. But, firstly get more knowledge of portable document format (PDF) and their security.

These files are mostly used for exchanging information online because of the fixed layout of texts and images present in them. But, to avoid any unauthorized access users add security in PDF documents either they apply document open password or add some restrictions. It could be any copy, print, edit, comment, sign, document assembly, etc.

Any of the restrictions are added to PDF files. But, sometimes it is required to breach PDF security for printing purpose as we have seen in user queries discussed in the above section. Therefore, to resolve such issues we have we have discussed but manual as well as the professional solution i.e. PDF Restriction Remover Software which helps users to print protected PDF document.

 How to Enable Print Button in PDF Files?

If the user has encountered that the print button is disabled in PDF document then, it is because of security. Files are secured due to which users unable to print PDF from google chrome or any other browser. Therefore, firstly, is needed to remove PDF file security and then print it.

With SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool a user can remove password as well as restrictions from PDF files. This applications works professionally and makes PDF printing not allowed for the users. In the next section, we will explain a complete procedure with proper steps.

Fix Unable to Print PDF from Google Chrome by Professional Tool

If print button is disabled in PDF, then firstly unlock PDF files by following these steps:

1- Firstly, download and install the software.
2- Click the Unlock button from the menu to begin the process.
3- Click on Browse to insert the secured PDF document.
4- Select PDF file & click on the Open button.
5- The tool generates the preview of the restricted permissions.
6- Click on Browse button to select the desired location of the unlocked PDF file.
7- After that, click Unlock PDF option to begin the procedure of extracting secure PDF.
8- A dialogue box appears on the screen as we unlock the file.
9- Click on OK button.
10- The tool displays a comparison report in Before & After column after the unlocking of PDF.
11- Check the unlocked PDF for copy, print, edit, extract, etc.

Know More About Tool Availability & Compatibility 

As we have seen in the above section that, when the user is unable to print PDF from google chrome then, they can follow above steps and enable print button in PDF.

Tool Availability: This software is available in two versions i.e. demo & full version.

Demo Version: This version of the tool removes restrictions and enable the print option in PDF files but, it will insert the watermark on the resultant PDF document. However, after using this version of the tool users can understand about the tool in a better way before purchasing it.

Full Version: If the user is satisfied with the overall functionality of the PDF Unlocker tool after using the demo version. They can directly order the tool from the official website. Moreover, after purchasing this application everyone can have full accessibility on PDF files without any hassle.

Tool Compatibility: The software to enable print button in PDF is compatible with both Windows & Mac. It supports all versions of Windows Operating systems like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. On the other hand, supported Mac OS includes Mac OS Sierra (10.12), OS X EI Capitan (10.11), Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) etc.

Specification of the Tool to Enable Print Option in PDF

1- RAM: 512 MB of RAM
2- Disk Space: 10 MB of free disk space.
3- Processor: 1 GHz processor


Everyone got many PDF files with sensitive data such as contracts, bank statements or any confidential information. So, people apply security on these documents, so that only authorized user can have full access to it. But, at times we need to copy, print or edit the data. Due to protection on the file users can’t do modifications in it. Like as, we have seen on the blog that many users are unable to print PDF from Google Chrome because of security measures. Hence, for the resolution of this problem, we come up with the best and professional utility i.e PDF Unlocker Software which helps users to enable print button in PDF files in a reliable manner.


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