QLED VS OLED TV: Samsung`s new tech


Samsung, the giant of TV industry have revealed the latest invention at an event in NewYork city. And yes it`s an invention, not just an upgrade. Because when we compare QLED VS OLED TVs we are comparing different technologies.

Samsung created and trademarked The term “QLED”. But it was not selfish to keep the rights entirely for itself. Samsung would like to see other companies using QLED too.

to Prove it, Samsung established a partnership with Chinese companies Hisense and TCL,  announcing a QLED alliance. An alliance against OLED, of course, starting the battle of QLED VS OLED.

so, let`s explain what is QLED and OLED and spot the difference.

What is QLED TV?

QLED TVs are using Quantum dots for enhancing performance. Quantum dots Provide brightness levels that other TV technologies did not reach. Also, the black levels and number of colors are better than any other LED tv without Quantum dots. They work as filters that produce more pure light than LEDs Alone.

they are photo-active, they give off the light when they receive light. And when they do, the light they emit is a specific color.


Why is QLED different?

the QLED TVs are not an emissive display technology, Plasma, OLED, MicroLED and CRT(big old TVs) they are all emissive Display TVs, which means it emits colors by itself.

Quantum Dots do not emit the colors you see; they spread to a film that works like a filter. LED back-lights beam through this film resulting in the perfect color and brightness


What is OLED TV?

OLED “organic light-emitting diode” OLEDs are made with organic compounds. This OLEDs light when it receives electricity and, each OLED is at the size of a pixel, it takes millions of OLEDs to fill your screen.



now let us compare the two technologies in each of TVs Features


the better black allows better contrast and delightful colors, no doubt that the black level is the main factor for enhancing picture quality. and when it comes to black level, OLED is the winner

QLED improve black level but it still depending on LED back-light which is not making it worse but, not like OLED


no doubt that OLEDs have a very good level of brightness but, OLED with no Quantum Dots will never reach the level of brightness of QLEDs, QLED is the best in brightness especially at HD content and that is what matters


at bast, OLED used to be better at this side, but with improving Quantum dots back-light the QLEDs claimed better Color accuracy, brightness, and volume

these improvements Put QLEDS at the same spot with OLEDs which is a draw.


it refers to the time needed by each diode to change from ‘on’ to ‘off’ less time means better quality and less blur, the OLEDs with small single pixels is a winner.


LG improved its OLEDs input lag in a magnificent way though, we can not compare QLEDS VS OLEDs from a different manufacturer. beside QLEDS varies from model to model.


OLED wins. QLEDS perfect angle of view is the center. If you move by sides or up and down the picture quality becomes less. Samsung Produced advanced models of QLEDS which made viewing angles much less problem, however, the gap is rapidly decreasing.


the led back-light panel in QLED makes it harder to be as thin as OLEDs though, when it comes to screen size, QLED would Blow OLED away, OLED lately achieved the size of 88-inch and QLED comes with 100-inch beyond.


QLED are not susceptible to burn-in. It is rare to have screen Burn-In in OLEDs. But, it is still possible. If you abuse your TV, and this happens mostly with addictive gamers. as TV channels avoid keeping their logo still for long times.

we will be glad if you share your experience with any of the two technologies types at comments.



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