How to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as MSG

Save multiple Outlook emails as MSG

Save multiple Outlook emails as MSG: In today’s era of modern technology, users are very attentive regarding their data and its security. They want their data to be stored in a safe place for managing and organizing properly. One such email client is Microsoft Outlook, which offers a high level of security to its user. It saves all its emails along with other data items in a PST file. A single email of PST file can be saved in an MSG format. The situation will become more clear after reading the following user query:

In my system, there are around 1000 PST files. But, there are 2-3 emails which are very important to me. So, I have decided to save them as single message files. Please, can anyone help me to save multiple Outlook emails as MSG? Any lead will be greatly appreciated.”

Outlook PST File: An Overview

PST is an acronym for Personal Storage Table, which is supported by Outlook. Microsoft Outlook saves all the emails, contacts, calendars, etc., in the single PST file. In Outlook, 2 types of PST files are created: ANSI and UNICODE. ANSI is formed in the older versions of Outlook. The problem with ANSI file is it offers the maximum size of 2 GB. This leads to file size corruption and unavailability of data. This problem was fixed in the higher versions of Outlook i.e. Outlook 2003 and later editions. Then, the PST formed is UNICODE and offers a file size of 20-50 GB.

MSG File at a Glance

MSG file is used to save a single message file with .msg as the extension. Simply, it is a text file and contains ASCII text for headers, main bodies, hyperlinks, and attachments. The most important advantage of migrating PST file to the MSG file type is it can be used for saving as well as archiving purpose. A single email can be downloaded from the Server to open the message and view its properties.

Factors Due to Which Users Save Outlook PST File as MSG

A user obtains some PST emails as single message files, to easily view them. Some of the common causes leading a user to export PST file to MSG are explained as follows:

  • If a PST file has a file size limitation, the chances of corruption will increase. It is because large-sized PST files are more prone to corruption.
  • If there is a need to store multiple PST emails from Outlook, a backup can be created. But, according to professionals, it is not considered as a good option.
  • If there are a lot of emails in Outlook, then it becomes really difficult just to search one or two emails.

Workaround Solution to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as MSG

A user can follow the given set of instructions to export PST file to MSG:

  1. Make a new folder on the local machine
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook
  3. Navigate to the Inbox folder where the emails are saved
  4. In the next step, select the emails that are to be converted to MSG and drag and drop them into the newly generated folder
  5. If a user has many emails, the above steps are to be repeated until all the emails are exported

Limitations of the Manual Approach

Even though there are many benefits of using the manual method, there are some drawbacks associated with this method to save multiple Outlook emails as MSG:

  • Many steps are involved and each step is to be performed by users. In case of a large number of PST emails, this results in the lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • This method does not ensure the complete and accurate solution.
  • Since the approach is manual, it can result in data loss if any mistake is committed at any point.
  • It requires a deep technical knowledge to perform PST to MSG conversion.

Alternative Solution to Migrate Outlook PST to MSG

All the drawbacks can be overcome with the help of an automated tool like PST Converter. A user can export Outlook PST file to MSG and other file formats in Windows as well as Mac operating system using this application. According to the technical experts, this professional utility is the best method to extract PST to MSG.

The Final Words

No doubt, PST files can be used to organize and manage the data efficiently. But, it creates many problems when only 1-2 important emails are to be searched for a lot of emails. So, it is recommended to save multiple Outlook emails as MSG. The manual technique has been described to convert PST to MSG. Moreover, an automated tool is also introduced to import Outlook .pst file to .msg.


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