Self driving car will be common around 2020

Self driving car


Self driving car is the future of safe driving with 100%  lower accidents rate

Self driving car, the word seems to be a real big vision of the future, But it is not a far future no it is even closer than what you think.Autonomous vehicles are already out there and people tested it for many times, if you are a technology news reader you must have heard about it before.As we see now technology is not stopping, you can check this new technology that creates human-looking faces that you can never know if they are real or not

Technology of the Self driving car

The prime really hands-off, self-driving vehicles will be here in five years. Completely Automating driving without steering wheels or gas and brake pedals may be 10 years away.That’s the consensus among automakers. By some definitions, several automakers have cars on the road today that meet a limited definition of autonomous driving.
Where we stand in 2017
As of mid-2017, the greatest you can get is already pretty great: a vehicle that stays centered in its lane on the highway, cars on the road that does simultaneous localization and mapping either it is an electric car or normal gasoline car, follows sliders in the path and controls the speed limit. It keeps its length from cars before, slowing when they slow and continuing your set speed while they speed up. Collectively, that’s Level 2 self-driving.A few cars will change lanes for you (when you request it) and, conversely, if you try to switch lanes if it’s not safe, the vehicle will attract you back. You do have to keep your hands lightly on the wheel to get even this simple level of automated driving technology, and you must have your sights on the way. A few automakers tell they’ll have greater-level autonomous cars for sale late this year or near.
auto cars


That said, today’s advances amount to self-driving with asterisks, matched to is the car that’s autonomous under all circumstances. It could go anywhere it’s possible to drive a car today on public roads, as well as navigate mall parking lots and school pickup zones. It would need to function in bad weather, and on roads with worn-out pavement markings.

Sensors would have to deal with snow and ice.Driver commands on a Level 5 car would be unlikely since we mean to see it happens automatically all the time. These would be Uber and Lyft cars, for example. The front seat might face the back seat, or there might be a single row of seats. They could be a fleet of engine trailers plying the interstates.

They could be campus or hotel shuttles.what we’ll see starting around 2020 and building over that decade. What we have today is still pretty good for highway driving, as well as avoiding rear-end crashes on the highway or pedestrians in town. This will change quickly.


Self driving

Self driving cars pros and cons


1- In Compirsasion with Human driving, having in mind that 88% of accidents happen because of human error while driving, Computer is an ideal driver, so as a result of having self-driving cars all around will have a much lower accident rate.
2- Computer will be using a very complicated algorithm that determines the safe distance between cars and when we have the computer in every car they will be acting like talking to each other informing cars around that he is here and every char will keep the safe distance which will decrease the chances of car accidents.
3- There is no chance for a computer to be ” distracted” which is mainly the main reason for most accidents, the computer will never text while driving, having a phone call, or even talk to the person in the passenger seat.

4- Many lives will be saved as a normal result of the lower danger rate of the automated driving.

5- U.S. Department of Transportation valued every human life of $9.2 Million Dollars, which means using self-driving cars will decrease the cost at many organizations starting with insurance companies and health departments, etc..
6- Driver can have a good use of the time he spent on daily driving, as the computer will take over the car, the driver can read, text, or even finish some of his work before he even arrives at his workplace.
7- In order for the Computer driver in every car to work perfectly, it needs to communicate to every other car , what means that self-driving have to be in every car on the road and the manual driving cars will be a real danger, which will force governments to find a technique for a cheaper Self-driving cars just to avoid the risk of having manual cars moving .
8- Having every car moving in order, with no lane changing or surprising stops, every car will stop when the lights are red and moves just when its green, that means a very smoothy traffic even in the most crowded places and roads.
9- Later, higher speed options will be considered, as computers know how to calculate the safe distance and many other calculations that keeps your car safe, so as more people use self-driving cars, speed limits should be lifted with no risk.
10 – Self-driving cars techniques can be very useful if we have the technology of the flying car in a wide range as expected soon
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1- Having the ability of self-driving will require some extra computer education and knowledge for the driver, even though the computer will take over all the driving process, still some setup at the beginning of the trip will be needed.
2- The price of achieving the new technology could be way out of reach for most Americans. Currently, the design, energy and computer requirements, software, and sensors sum up to more than $100,000.
3- We can Achieve All the good benefits of this technology when almost no one uses the manual driving anymore. And as we see the technology will cost a lot. That means it won’t be widely adopted what will make a real issue. Unless governments found some way to give this technology to people at lower prices.
4- Hackers will be much interested of finding a way to hack into some cars, as it will be a real control, imagine that someone harms you some way and you can control over his car and make him begs for you to save his life, won’t you do it !?

5- Many jobs in the public transportation section will be eliminated.

6- The hard issue of who holds responsibility in a car accident- the driver? The car manufacturer? The software developer? Could be tricky to answer.
7- It still unclear yet about how will computer driving deals with the sudden road obstacles that can face every car.


Self-driving car cost

When you question carmakers and industry researchers about the cost of a self-driving machine. They nearly always say about $8,000-$10,000. Moreover. If that range were right. It could be too expensive for the mass market. A lot of motorists would probably recoil at paying an added 33%. To make their $25,000 car more or less self-driving.
So if the car already costs $10,000 means another $8,000 – $10,000 will be added to its original price that is pretty high. And still, communities have to find a way to reduce that high cost for a better future of driving

Self driving car accident

Self-driving bus involved in crash less than two hours after Las Vegas launch

This headline makes you have some fear of the self-driving technology that you already started to like. But don’t worry it wasn’t a big crash also it wasn’t the computer fault. Read more details below

The self-driving bus just stopped when the truck came out of an ally. The truck driver thought it will go back but no one did program it for that. Because if the truck was using the self – driving tech.


it would communicate with the bus and they could calculate distance and speed. To just pass with no problems at all
As recorded it was the only fail that happened and it wasn’t an error. It was just miss-understanding between the manual driver and the computerized vehicle.


Google self driving car

And of course, Google jumped into the self-driving technology with a great product. Just like how they surprised us with the Google smart glasses. And Levis smart jacket from Google  and now the Self-driving car project called Waymo

The project for the Self driving car started 2009.

Find info about the project as shown below from the main project website





And now the Wymo project is considered as the leader of the self-driving car in the world. And everybody is waiting for the official releases in markets. Also the future of the real safe and comfortable Self driving car.



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