The best 7 SEO techniques tactics that will work in 2018

SEO techniques

In this competitive era of a digital world where everything you do online makes a difference in your business, the world of Search Engine Optimization or the powerful SEO techniques do exist and plays an important role in the overall growth of the website. Powerful SEO done leaves a significant impact on increased traffic, website rankings, and enhanced conversion rates. With numerous internet marketing strategies today available in the market which almost all the companies use – digital marketing tactics are the most preferred for a successful conversion and to execute proper SEO techniques. The essential of Search Engine Optimization is to improve the complete structure of the website and the content of a website which will further help the business grow and intensify sales performance.

Search engine optimization is one of the most discussed topics today as it has a huge scope for improving the business and getting your websites ranked on Google. Although it is proved that optimizing a website for organic search is helpful for business as it ensures to drive a significant amount of traffic. SEO methods primarily contain two important methods – on-site or on-page SEO, and off-site SEO. Both these approaches are different in their approaches and can have different mediums for ranking and conversion. While the internet is continually rising, so are the algorithms of search engines such as Google. Because of this, SEO methods of businesses must also progress. If you are in the area of digital marketing or if you wish to grow your business in 2018 – do check these modern techniques of SEO to watch out in the coming months:

1. Develop high-quality content and enhance the Website ranking

Content is an indispensable segment of any website which also directly relate to the website ranking. Over the years, even Google has laid stringent policies regarding the website appearing at the top of search engine. Content can be in the form of images, videos, texts, or infographics or in the form of blogs. Do remember that the content shall be high quality and shall not be copied from any other published items from the internet. It should be unique then only it will make a difference in SEO tactics. Post articles and blogs with relevant features, informative texts and other useful materials that rank on top of any Search Engine – disclaimer is poorly written articles and blogs will be rejected. Also, put properly researched and analyzed content with a good length and right keywords inserted.

2. Switch your website to HTTPS protocol

With numerous changing notions of Google’s algorithms, of late, there comes an official announcement which says that switching a website over to HTTPS is a mandate now because it will give your site a huge boost and will affect SEO marketing. HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which improves the security levels of a website, in turn, helping the site rank good on search engines. Although this does not directly impact on site SEO but will surely augment the SEO techniques to a level where the site’s URL is considered to be authentic and trusted. With https SSL certificates are also important to have as they give an extra layer of protection to the site. Just you need to buy and install SSL certificate to enable HTTPS connection. There are lots of authorized resellers selling SSL certificate at huge discount cost and they offers standard and inexpensive domain validation SSL certificates such as Comodo Positive SSL for single domain and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate for subdomains protection.
Changing from HTTP to HTTPS will also secure the connection and all the transactions occurring on website and the browser. This will develop trust and which will, in turn, help the visitors to engage more on the site.

3. Detailed Coverage on every topic:

It is been said by all that SEO is one of the high value-added marketing practice which every website shall have in 2018. So if you feel that SEO is dead – No, it is not! However, it is increasing at a great speed. One such aspect which needs detailed attention is the Keyword research – this is the first thing taught to the beginners when we start doing SEO. However even, keyword research has many aspects and it is done with the help of keyword research tools. It is evolving as semantic search and Google’s Knowledge Graph too. Traditionally, the thing was different while conducting a keyword research, but due to high search volumes and increased competition, “keyword analysis” and “keyword research” is something very important and has to be very accurate.

4. Mobile Responsive Website:

Develop a mobile responsive website and these days most of users prefer to visit website through their smartphones. The speed at which the smartphones are being increased and used has compelled the website owners and developer to think on building a responsive website which allows the website to adapt to the size of any screen it is viewed on – say it is a phone, desktop, or a tablet etc. This factor is also crucial for the upcoming Google updates like “Mobile first index”.

5. Generate Quality backlinks :

Always focus on creating good quality and amount of high quality and relevant backlinks those who have the right content marketing tactics, and relevant content. Backlinks will help in generating traffic and will give you some good amount of organic traffic in the search engine.
6) Do Internal Link Audit and Optimization:
With the backlinks, it is also important to have the internal links in the right place. This indicates the internal links from one page to the other. Internal links are beneficial for SEO because they help to get the right audience which is targeted for the dedicated page. Internal links also make it convenient for Google crawlers to crawl and then index the web pages.

6. You will see the rise of forum submissions:

Another off-page SEO technique that experts feel will work in this modern world is the rise of forum submission. This off page SEO activity has become really popular and gives a boost to the SERP rankings immensely. Participate in the forum sites and post questions and reply answers relevant to your business, this will help the website administrators to build an effective community and drive traffic to their sites.
To wrap-up, we can say that SEO is a fast-paced industry and is forever changing its dynamics. These techniques and strategies are in the working zone for many years and in this modern world to these SEO tactics will also work well for your website.


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