What is SEO – A Guide For Beginners

what is seo

Every new webmaster must hear the word SEO almost everywhere when he is doing his researches and work. And he keeps wondering What is SEO. Well in this article that is made for beginners and new webmasters you will find an answer to many questions.

What Is SEO

It refers to Search Engine Optimization. Which is making your website friendly with Google and other search engines. To gain the result of being on the first page on search engines. And that means a lot of visitors to your website which leads to more success.

Main Purpose of Search Engine Optimizations is to target a keyword with your page. Then you try to rank for it in google and other search engines.

History of SEO

Following the history of SEO is like trying to know the origins of the greetings, We all great each other but no one really knows how did that hand waving expression started. We can say that SEO started somewhere at 1992.

As search engine fast growing evolution. Started in June 1993 when Matthew Gray created World Wide Web Wanderer which known as Wandex after that. Till the biggest evolution in search engines field September 1997 when the big guy Google showed around.

In between those two dates, there are many changes that happened. But it would take a whole article or two to go into deeper details. So, I will just skip and go back to SEO.

Before getting to answer the most asked question. What should I do for a better SEO and how can I rank fast in google. We have to start talking about how search engine optimization works.


How SEO Works

After getting to know a little bit about What is SEO. I think it will be a more clear image if you knew how does it work.

The core of SEO is always the Keyword. Keywords control if your page is going to appear on Google or not.

Keyword research is the most important part of every SEO strategy. As you target people who search on Google using this keyword and control your website ranking.

Also, using the keyword in the right place within your page or article is a very important step. you have to keep the balance between using the keyword and not to overstuff it.

To know what is SEO that is what you need to know:

  • Keyword research.
  • Page’s contents.
  • Readability.
  • Internal linking.
  • Back-linking.
  • Social Media.

Keyword research

This is the most important step of your SEO preparing. First of all, you need to do the best keyword research to find the best keyword with the highest search volume and low competition.

what is seo

Page content

The biggest step ahead for better SEO. Is your in-page content as it is the most effective element in building the best search engines friendly page.
In page content contains the niche of your article. The more useful words you write the more you gain trust by search engines. Also, very short articles are not really loved by search engines but still. A short and useful article is better than long and useless words that are only added to the article to stuff more words.

Mentions the keywords in your article is a very useful tactic too. there are many strategies on how to position your main keyword in the article.


The readability score is one big thing that we cannot ignore. there are many tools on the internet that can analyze your content and gives you a feedback on what you need to edit for a higher readability score.
The higher score you gain the higher chance to rank in search engines.


The most tricky part of knowing what is SEO. You should start your linking strategy with your internal link structure. Building a tight internal linking between your pages and posts is the base of all your linking strategies. Always try to make your internal linking between pages to be natural and related. Don’t try to push a link, that won’t help that much.

After building a good internal linking. Move to gain incoming links from outside.
Backlinking is very useful but always try to avoid pushing a link or buying a link.

You need to get related backlinks to your website from related pages and website.

So, you can’t get a backlink from a page that is talking about dating to a page on your website that is talking about bitcoins. That won’t be useful at all.

what is seo

At his point, you know about the main elements of SEO building. there are many SEO agencies that offer a paid services, which can really be useful, One of the best tools that I recommend for everyone is Alli.

This SEO agency is a complete SEO solution. It gives you a complete audit and suggestions.
Also monitoring your website and gives you suggestions to edit on your whole site or a specific page for better SEO results.

And finding the best keywords that can drive traffic to your website and you should start ranking for. Then it shows you many websites and articles that are totally related to your page’s niche and you have to join the discussions there to get your link.

Alli is one of the best SEO tools on the web for now with a great price.

Social Media

Sharing your posts on social media is one of the biggest traffic makers, And also search engines love the websites that get a lot of social signals. So, don’t forget to share your posts regularly on your social media pages.


SEO is the heard of all digital marketing. There are many sides of SEO that you have to care about, All works together and you can’t ignore any of it.

You may use some SEO agency to do most of the hard work for you.

Don’t ignore the social media as it really helps.


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