Write For Us

write for us

Write for us, Town of technology welcomes everyone that wants to contribute an article for us.

There are a few guidelines that the contributor has to follow before submitting the :

  • Minimum allowed word count is 600 words ( Ideal +1000 word ).
  • All the words have to be detailed and related to the topic.
  • The article must be unique and you didn’t write to anyone else or didn’t copy it from someone else.
  • The article has to achieve a fair readability score, words are organized and you have to use headings and lists to make the article more readable.
  • You are allowed to add links to the article in 2 places:
  1. Article’s body: 2 links to your website are allowed in the article’s body, links must be related to the topic of the article ( useful links ). You can also add more links to out resources others than your website as long as the link is useful.
  2. Author’s Profile: You may add 2 links to your author profile back to your website or social media.
  • It is preferred to have an account on www.gravatar.com to allow us to link your avatar to your author profile. If not, just send a picture of the author.

How to write for us

It is simple, after making sure that you can write an article that follows the guidelines mentioned above:

  1. Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or send an email to ahmed.w.amin@gmail.com.
  2. prepare your article ( that is following the guidelines). as a doc file or google docs format and send to us.
  3. you need to attach one more file that contains your author profile that includes ( name, short brief, and email). you can include links in the author profile you may include social profiles within the links if you want to.

After you contact us and send the article to us if we need to modify anything within the article’s we will inform you (sometimes we need to modify few things to make sure that article is best suitable for the town of technology ).

We will inform you by mail when your article is ready and published.