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Are you a developer and able to create android apps ? 
Have you ever wondered how to ??

upload your app to google play  

here is a detailed step by step guide " how to upload an app to google play store " .

First of all you need to Register for Google Play :

Before publishing you have to Register at  Google Play publisher  this is not gonna take more than few minutes , please keep in mind that you will be charged a $25 to register .

If you are going to sell app you will need to go for that step :

You need to get a google wallet merchant account 
to do that follow that small guide  .

Getting ready to publish the app :

you should get that list of items prepared before start publishing your app :

  • Your android app as (.apk) file and size should be less than 50 MB.
  • The name of your app ( 30 char max) .
  • Description for the app ( 400 char max) 
  • High-res icon, 512 x 512 32-bit PNG (with alpha).
  • Minimum of 2 screenshots JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha) minimum length for any side is 320px , max length is 3840px  (You may upload a maximum of 8 screenshots per type)
The following list are optional you can upload now or later : 
  • Text and a graphic as a promo , text ( 80 char max ) and graphic have to be 180w x 120 h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).
  • Feature graphic: 1024w x 500h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).

Time to add the new app : 

After registering and getting things ready , you should log in to your Google Play developer account and start publishing using  the "+ Add new application" button.A dialog will come up asking for the default language and the title of your app. Then you will be asked to choose between two options "Upload APK" and "Prepare Store Listing". you'll choose the upload first.

uploading your apk : 

This step is the process of uploading your application’s  (APK). A link to the file is emailed to you whenever you  build your application, and can be downloaded at any time from your projects section on Andromo .after clicking the  "Upload APK" button,  browse for the application file to upload. Now you see a "Save Draft" button on the dialog box after you upload the APK. Once you complete this step, you'll see a check-mark listed beside "APK" along the left hand side of the screen. Now we go to  prepare your store listing.

Store listing : 

The Store Listing controls what your  users will see when they find your application in Google Play. The available listing details can be found  in Google’s uploading applications help topic.
Now you need to enter your title, description, icon, screenshots, categorization, contact details, and privacy policy.
 some of these items are required, while others are optional. When you're finished, click the save button.
If you've entered all of the required information, you'll see a checkmark listed beside the "Store Listing" along the left hand side of the screen. 

Distribution & Pricing :

 Here you define the pricing details for your app (free or paid), where should it be available, and consent options.
After finishing, save your changes and if you've entered all of the required information, it will show a checkmark next to "Pricing & Distribution" along the left-hand side.

Now the app is ready to be published :

if everything went ok , a "Publish this app" button will be enabled on the page. Your application will appear in the store in a few hours (but could take longer). If you've included AdMob in your app, don't forget to "link your app" which you can normally do about 24 hours after it's been published.

What if you needed to edit your listing later : 

If you want to  edit your listing, or upload a new version of your application,
 When you make your changes simply save them and they should be live in the store in twenty minutes or so. Note: This can sometimes take quite a while, so be patient.

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