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Keyboard Shortcut: With regards to exploring your PC like a professional, nothing speeds you up like knowing the correct keystroke to open another window or power quit a troublesome application. To wean you off your mouse reliance, here are the most basic PC and Mac console alternate ways expected to free you of your point-and-snap propensity for the last time.
keyboard shortcut

Cut, copy, paste, and undo

Command + X, C, V, or Z, respectively

Open a new browser tab

Command + T. And in Chrome, Command + Shift + T will bring back that tab you closed by accident.

Minimize open windows

Command + Option + M

Clear your cache

Command + Shift + Delete

Select all

Command + A

Find a specific word or phrase

Command + F

Jump to the browser bar

Command + L

Open up Spotlight to browse your whole computer

Command + Space

Close just your current tab

Command + W.
Should you need to get rid of some evidence in a hurry.

Open your application switcher

Command + Tab
From there, you can navigate with the arrow keys.

Force quit

Command + Shift + Option + Esc for three seconds
This bypasses that annoying dialogue box that asks you if you're sure every time.

Screenshot your entire screen

Command + Shift + 3
Not just a selected area.

Screenshot a specific application

Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar
A camera will appear, and you simply move it to the right window and click.

Empty the trash without confirming

Command + Option + Shift + Delete

Find typos in your text

Command + ;

Create a new folder

Command + Shift + N

Create a new email in Apple Mail

Command + Shift + I

Invert your desktop colors

Command + Control + Option + 8

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