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Useful websites: Some Awesome websites that you can use in many situations and it might be helpful for many things and many pieces of information 

useful websites

 Useful websites: here is a list of great websites 

Wireless net Passwords from Airports round the World – a crowdsourced (and perpetually updated) list of field net passwords from round the world.

Noisli – turn out the right close noise to assist you relax at work or drop off at midnight.

How many folks are in space right now - As the it says 

To what extent To Read This? – a site that tells you to what extent particular books take to peruse in light of your own pace of perusing.

Wordmark – enables you to perceive how a specific word or expression will look in a practically vast number of text styles.

Music Map – Type in your most loved craftsman and this site will disclose to you comparative specialists you may like.

My Fridge Food – essentially sort in the fixings you have in your fridge and this site will give you a noteworthy rundown of formulas.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes – tune in to the sound of slamming waves and simply do nothing for 2 minutes.

Caffeine Calculator – a decent small ascertaining gadget that tells you the amount of your most loved caffeine drink you ought to devour.

Have I Been Pwned? – if you think you may have had your email compromised in an information break, at that point this website enables you to find out. Simply sort in your email address and find out.

Numbeo – sort in a city and discover the amount it expenses to live there.

I wish you find that list useful as much as i did 

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