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Find out about the Soviet satellite which was utilized as a radar Calibratio

Kosmos 191

Kosmos Soviet satellites 

Launch scheduled

at 21 Nov, 1967 

More about kosmos 191  

Kosmos 191 (Russian: Космос 191 importance Cosmos 191), otherwise called DS-P1-Yu No.9 was a Soviet satellite which was utilized as a radar adjustment focus for trial of ballistic missile destroying rockets. It was worked by the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, and propelled in 1967 as a major aspect of the Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik programme.It had a mass of 325 kilograms (717 lb).

A Kosmos-2I 63SM bearer rocket was utilized to dispatch Kosmos 191 from Site 133/1 at Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The dispatch happened at 14:29:48 UTC on 21 November 1967, and brought about Kosmos 191's effective organization into low Earth orbit. Upon achieving circle, it was doled out its Kosmos assignment, and got the International Designator 1967-115A.

Kosmos 191 was worked in a circle with a perigee of 261 kilometers (162 mi), an apogee of 451 kilometers (280 mi), 71.0 degrees of slant, and an orbital time of 91.66 minutes.It stayed in circle until the point when it rotted and reappeared the air on 2 March 1968.It was the eleventh of seventy nine DS-P1-Yu satellites to be launched,and the tenth of seventy two to effectively reach orbit.

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