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Prepare to wake up exactly at time

Set Alarm clock 

Deep Sleep

Wake up wake up

how simple

Rig a car horn to your alarm clock 

in few simple ways : 

  • purchase a relay at the automobile parts store.
  • Purchase an auto horn.
  • Get some wire
  • Purchase a 12 volt transformer.
  • Purchase a radio that buzzes or beeps
  • open the radio and discover the speaker or Buzzer.
  • expel speaker or buzzer and associate the transfer trigger terminals to the wires.
  • Associate 12V transformer in accordance with the auto horn and the NO contacts on the transfer.
  • Reassemble radio and Connect power and set Alarm.
  • Rest.
  • Harm self when terrified to death in the morning..
  • disconnect power.
  • expel transfer from speaker or buzzer association.
  • Supplant speaker or buzzer
  • Reassemble radio.

its as simple as eating a bit of cake

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