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what is 3d printing

Discover what is 3d printing technology and what benefits can we get out of using it

What is 3d printing: it is the process of printing physical three-dimensional objects, most of you heard about it already, the small device in your room that can create almost anything.
this is the future you don`t need to shop anymore but wait, is this a good thing?

3D printers how they work 

It all starts with the creation of a 3D model in your pc. This digital style is as an example a CAD (Computer-aided Design) file. A 3D model is either created from the bottom up with 3D modeling software package or supported information generated with a 3D scanner. With a 3D scanner, you’re ready to produce a digital copy of an object.

3d printer

Pros and Cons of 3D Printing

Pros Cons
It permits for additional producing choices.
It allows decentralization.
It helps scale back prices.
It permits for fast prototyping.
It makes repositing easier.
it's contributed to a big development in medicine.
it's created additional jobs.
It is faced with restricted materials.
It has caused producing jobs to decrease.
it comes with copyright problems
It risks manufacturing dangerous things.
It creates additional useless product.
It has lots of limitations.

3D Printer Video

3D printing will affect the economy?

YES .  3d printing will definitely affect the economy and this will not be a good effect, the amount of small plastic items that could be easily created by small 3d printers is enormous we are talking about hundreds of factories, millions of workers, and more millions of dollars of course.

If the printers are used widely just like our normal paper printers it will ruin this industry, the effect is not only reaching manufacturers and workers it will reach farther to transportation field, the markets that sold it and taxes of course. 


3d printing

will 3d printing replace current machines?

Nope 3d printers are not YET able to replace the current industrial machines, the machines are much faster and professional for industry, but if people can create items they will not need to buy things that machines create 

so it will not replace machines in industry till now but it will affect the production of it  

organs 3d printing

will 3d printing replace human worker? 

manufacturing is reducing human workers since the industrial revolution started, though 3d printers will be a mark on industry history, it`s expected to reduce human workers by 30% in the next few years

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