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Buy from Amazon with bitcoin and get more than 20% off any product 

buy from amazon with bitcoin

buy from Amazon with bitcoin using the website purse.io, and get huge big discounts every time you buy .. and even its a bigger discount on every new item you buy 

buy from Amazon using bitcoin

Here is a guide on how to buy from Amazon using the bitcoins for the great discount 

1- first of all you have to get to amazon.com and create your own account ID if you don't have 

2- now let's say that am interested in buying the Echo Plus with built-in Hub – Silver + Philips Hue Bulb included which costs 149.99$.
20% off

3-First of all after finding the product you desire you should simply add to a wishlist to start getting it with BTC and seek your discount.

20% off

4- Now leave everything as it is on Amazon and go to purse and create a new free account.

5-After Creating account on purse go back to Amazon and get into the wish list you had the item in 
Make sure that your item is the only one on the current wishlist 

6-Now click on the share button to get the wish list's link.

20% off

Amazon 20% off

Now after getting the wish list link go to purse.io on your account and paste the links there then click on make your discount.

20% off

and here you go, you can now choose your discount from 1% to 20% ( the less discount you have the faster your order will be done),, after 20% you will find an alert that its eligible for you to do that.

Notes to remember :  
  • It takes a while for the order to be declared so you may wait for a week till your item is bought from Amazon.
  • the website purse.io depends on the minor exchange rate difference that happens almost every hour in the BTC and selling and buying it from costumers  which means it hunts the best chance to buy your item with that discount and guess what ? the website profit is even more than that 20% discount you got, brilliant idea I Think !
  • you have to fill your BTC balance in purse.io before doing the purchase from Amazon using 1 of 2 methods, either buying BTC directly from purse.io or sending money from your current BTC wallet.
  • digital subscriptions, out of stock items and used items will give you an error when you try to use purse.io with it 
I wish that it helps you to get what you need with the discount you always looked for 



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