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Learn how to hide a file inside an image in that guide with pictures 
How to hide a file inside an image
How to hide a file inside an image

Hide a file inside an image,, The word hears like its some geeky complicated thing but in fact, it's as easy as eating a piece of cake.

Everybody wants to protect his own personal data from being discovered or being spotted by a hacker or even if someone got an access on the personal pc or laptop in this case we need our private data to be hidden as much as possible.

So here we go with that easy guide in few steps to learn how to hide our stuff and data from everyone and how to get it back when summoned.

Set back now on your desk, collect your data all together in one file, zip it or add it to archive and turn it into a .rar file. as shown below in the image   
Then follow the Guide :

hide file 1

How to hide a RAR file inside of an image

As for now we have our files and data added to the archive that I called New.rar and I picked a simple meaningless tree image 

hide file 2

Now Go To The command prompt window  ( By Pressing Windows + Run, Then type CMD and press Enter )

hide file 3

In The Command Prompt, navigate to the folder where you have both Image & The .rar folder.Then type "cd folder-path" for example cd D:\New Folder in Command Prompt.

hide file 4

Type this command very carefully in Command Prompt:
copy /b Image.jpg+file.rar image.jpg.
But replace image with the image's name
and file with the file's name and press Enter .. ( don't forget to add a follow stop at the end)

hide file 5

And now you are done, you can delete your old .rar files because all of its components are now inside the image.

How to Recall your files back 

To get back your hidden files now you have 2 methods : 

  • Right-click on the image and pick Open with then chose winrar ( or just open the image with WinRar) you will find all of your data stored there waiting for you to extract back.
  • Change the extension of the images name from .jpg to .rar and simply open it to extract or of your files back.
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