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pixel 2

pixel 2 : Plenty of corporations supply chat support to troubleshoot issues along with your phone. however does one actually need to speak to a different human regarding what may well be a straightforward fix? You don’t have to be compelled to

if you've got a pixel 2. android Police has discovered that you simply will raise Google Assistant for facilitate with battery problems. raise why your battery isn’t charging properly and also the AI companion won't solely run a medical specialty check, however seek for significantly power-hungry apps. It offers to attach you to Google’s chat or phone support if it can’t answer your queries in one shot, though issues within the AP check recommend this part isn’t prepared for prime time.

AP tried the feature on a pixel 2 XL running the android eight.1 developer preview, however we tend to got similar (not exact) responses victimisation eight.0. This doesn’t work on alternative android phones, though. And facilitate for alternative problems is restricted. we tend to asked why our phone was slowing down, and it pointed us to a “more info” link.

We’ve asked Google if it will treat the feature. However, it’s cheap to believe that this AI support may become a lot of strong over time. If Google will purpose you to Assistant for facilitate with various problems, it probably lightens the load for flesh-and-blood support reps by limiting their involvement to trickier issues.

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