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Android Oreo New update has a feature that will save your phone's space and extended battery life 

Android Oreo

Android Oreo can now detect those unused applications and free up the cache saved for it so that it helps to extend battery up-time also saving some extra space for your phone

Finally, the long-awaited Android update is now alive and also taking care of one of the most important features that were causing a true problem for almost every single android user

Android Oreo update

We all shrewdness iPhone users criticism concerning the low storage on their device, well Apple is nevertheless to try and do one thing concerning it. however, if you’re on an android device and still running out of disc space, then the newest android eight oreo might have some excellent news for you.

According to XDA-Developers, a recent update to the android eight.1 oreo AOSP framework includes a feature that may release some area on the smartphone automatically.

When the device is running low on space, the OS can confirm the inactive apps on the phone and liberate space by reducing their cache sizes. The system won't delete the inactive app or its associated information. Reducing the cache size can solely bog down the app launch once you open the app next time.

It’s smart to see android giving importance to such feature, however until the android makers take the difficulty to update their device in time, it’ll be long that the thought devices get this feature.

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