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Learn how to Reset router remotely from your computer or mobile

Reset router remotely

Reset router remotely: As wifi is the most used connection method nowadays almost nobody is getting even close to the router even sometimes people are holding the router in a high position to get a better signal in other rooms and places  , now what if you are connected to a wifi at your home and you think that you need to reset your router for some reason but guess what , you are at your room upstairs and the router is down stairs and you feel too lazy to get down and reset it, no problem here is some few steps that will let you be able to restart your router without even leaving yout place .

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Frist of all you have to be connected to the wifi of the router that you need to perform the restart for.

Before starting you have to know your router's IP which is in most cases are
But if you don't know if its the right IP or you have no idea about the current router IP here is the best method to get to know it :

Open RUN from the start menu and type CMD then press Enter.


CMD is the command prompt windows that can let you control over some features in windows that you can not  use in the common normal user interface

From the CMD window type ipconfig then press Enter.

cmd ip

That config command is the commend you give to the cmd to show you all of your IP and gateway details and pieces of information to get more control over your connection 

Ok now the IP we need the default gateway thing, just write it down 


After knowing your router IP that's called default gateway you can open your chrome or whatever web browser that you are using and type your gateway after HTTP:// in the address bar and press enter

Now you will be redirected to the router configurations screen and you have to enter a user and password

if you didn't already change the default password so you have to username and password as "admin" and " admin " that's the default password and login for almost all routers all over the globe if else you can try looking for your router's password in the default password list for routers here.

If the worst thing happened and you couldn't find your password and username in here then you have to contact your services provider to get your username and password for the router and you better write it down in some safe place.

Now after you are in the router's configuration screen you have to look for the Admin Tab you may now find a button or option called Reboot or you may find another link called manage .. enter it then you will find the reboot button ( depends on your router's model )

After clicking reboot your router will start to restart again and acts like you just shut it off and restarted it, without even you moving away from your chair,, 

Note: you can use same steps from your mobile phone after getting the router's IP ( there is no CMD in mobile phones )

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