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Street lights and public safety

Learn more about Street lights and public safety related new system for street lights 

Street lights and public safety: A new system for street lights to help policemen, firemen and even ambulance drivers to move faster on streets even if its crowded , that system which is aiming on achieving safer streets for everybody

Street lights led

The new system uses the normal street lights led that we all know but with some kind of wireless controller impeded inside of it that's helping the ER car driver to let the whole street notice that he needs to pass as fast as possible with only pushing a single button inside the car which will make the whole street lights flashes with some kind of awesome colors and sound to let the drivers - even the far ones - know that he is passing ,, that system is proven to reduce the arrival times for the ER cars for 50% less time or maybe less .

How the new system work :

  • lets say that fire station has just received a fire alarm some where and they started moving to reach the place .
  • they are moving good but suddenly they have to pas through a crowded street and not every car driver in the street can hear the serine sound maybe some is far away or wearing a headphone or even playing loud music or having a screaming kids in the car so they can't simply hear the alarming sound,
  • Now the fireman have to push the button that will make everyone notice's him by flashing the whole street's lights with red and blue lights while playing a loud serine to let everybody knows that there is some one in hurry that have to pass so the whole street cars drivers will change lane now and leave the left one empty for the fire car to pass quickly 
After passing the lights will go back to normal then everybody knows that its all fine and they can go on the road as normal as they did minutes ago.

Here is a video on how the new street light system works

With that new system i am sure that streets will be safer and emergency situations will be solved way faster than how it used to be !

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