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Stellar Outlook Toolkit

Stellar Outlook Toolkit is a complete Solution for MS Outlook Users

Stellar Outlook Toolkit: There was a time when Outlook users used Outlook email client to send and receive emails. That time is gone, and Outlook has evolved with distinctive features and next level of applications, which are required to fulfill current requirements of corporate communications. However, with rising features and efficiency one element has evolved and that is corruption and malware infection thus it making it essential to Organize Outlook Mailbox.
  • Repair corrupted PST files
  • Split into two or more files
  • Compact PST file to enable space-saving
  • Merge or join multiple PST Files  
  • Recover PST file when user forgets password
  • Remove duplicate content from PST folder

Primary functions of Outlook Email client remains Emailing and Calendaring, but its usage in terms of functionality has evolved tremendously making it indispensable for users. Outlook Email management tools organize and manage Outlook Email data and its safe storage.  Simple and efficient Stellar Outlook Toolkit is classified as:
  • Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair – Technician
  • Stellar PST Splitter 
  • Stellar Compact PST 
  • Stellar Merge PST 
  • Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery 
  • Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover

outlook toolkit

Outlook Email Client activities can be performed through various manual method but these processes are long and time-consuming as compared with third-party application software which users to manage Outlook Mailbox. 

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Due to large PST file or improper closing of Outlook, your PST file may get corrupt. In such cases use of  Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software repairs corrupt PST files and restore all content including emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, journals, and tasks. Scans and extracts data from damaged PST provides a preview of three-pane structure and saves in new PST and along with this, it gives the option to Split & Compact PST.

outlook toolkit 2

Stellar PST Splitter

Oversized PST files are easily prone to corruption. In that case, reducing the size of PST helps in putting the corruption at bay. Secondly, small PST files are better managed. Stellar PST Splitter lets you split large PST files into smaller PST files based on your selected criteria. 
Selected criteria mean as per Date, From, To, Subject, Type, Attachment, and Importance. 

outlook toolkit 3

Stellar Compact PST 

As discussed earlier, large PST files are prone to corruption. The best way to avoid corruption is to compact or split PST File. Stellar Compact PST software helps in optimizing the free space of PST Files and manages attachments. The software contains various options for mail-attachments which can be selected for compaction and extraction.

outlook toolkit 4

Stellar Merge PST

Too many PST files create confusion. You can merge or join two or more PST into one for better data management. 
Merge option works good in cases where a number of PST files are created, say for an employee working for more than five years and has created a PST file every year and these can be merged into a new PST.  With the help of Stellar Merge PST, you can merge or join PST into a single one. The software eliminates the duplicates data, and removes junk and deleted emails.

outlook toolkit 5

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery

A normal practice is to save PST file using credentials. This helps in data privacy. However, users can forget the password. Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery software recovers lost or forgotten Outlook PST File Password. 
PST files are stored and protected with a password which may pose a threat at times. 
If you have not saved PST file password, chances are that you forget it after some time. In such cases, Outlook Password Recovery software provide you set of six passwords to unlock the protected PST

outlook toolkit 6

Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover

Mails are duplicated for many reasons like when rules are not configured properly when two or more files are merged and the process is not executed properly. Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover locates all the duplicate emails as available and removes these emails. This is beneficial in two ways – first the email duplication issue is removed; secondly, the size of the recovered PST-file is reduced. 

outlook toolkit 7

To Summarize

Outlook Toolkit is an amalgamation of various software and acts as a sure cure Outlook Email Management tool. Outlook users do not organize Outlook mailbox. As a result, they have to walk through various Outlook related problems. Using Stellar Outlook Toolkit enables users to repair corrupt files, enables multiple functions including easy split, compact and merge PST files, and removes file duplication. Password protected PST files are recovered and saved. Buying this toolkit is like buying peace of mind and ensuring smooth corporate communications.

Free Demo Reference:  Click here 

About Author:

Rajan Singh is an IT consultant in email migration field. He is also writing troubleshooting guides related to data recovery, email migration & data erasure.

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