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Drone definition: Everything you need to know about drones 

Drone definition. people know drones as a plane without a human pilot aboard.
 It is also called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV. the UAVs are a component of the unmanned aircraft system. and one of the most known UAV is the predator drone with the model General Atomics MQ-1 Predator.

The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator is an American Remote Controlled plane. the United States Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency is using it

Drone means "continues Low-frequency humming sound". like the bees and flying insects sounds that we hear. it is exactly the sound you hear from the drones toy. Drones became a trending tool nowadays that you can even find a young kid using it for fun. and of course, the toy drone has a very small remote-control range, a few meters.

Drone Technology

Drones or the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and the best expression can here that it is some kind of a flying robot. which you can control from far away using some remote control system. or using a pre-programmed flight path that is using GPS. Also, many sensors to reach the destination like an autopilot.

After seeing Self-Driving cars. we know that it is not hard to find any vehicle that can control itself with no interaction with a human. and its already happened with the Robotic Drones. that are flying all over the routes programmed in its chips. drones used by the military is not using fuel but it is using solar plates to get electric power from sunlight. that can keep flying for ages, spying on everything. photographing places and secrets. stores it daily at some cloud storage that only authorized person can access it.

drone technology

There is also the Drones that we can see almost everywhere that is being used as a kids gaming tool. of course, this one doesn't contain any kind of artificial intelligence. A remote control is ordering it that is as weak as the R.C cars that we all owned when we were kids.

Some peoples use this toy drone for fun. others attach a camera to it and start taking a fun photographing shots from high above. other use it for training dogs .. trust me having a flying controlled items can give you an infinite number of uses that you can never count.

The Dark side of the drones is the new drones called ( Killer drones ). they made it protect people from crimes and stop the bad guys at the point where they should stop. but it is terrifying because the drones have the ability to find out if the man standing in front of it is a good man .. or threatening something . holding a weapon or stealing. and many other factors. but it cant be 100% accurate in this case. and I am pretty sure that a lot of accident can happen if this technology released to people !!

Drone Uses

I've created a small list of the benefits that people can get form a flying drone.  and I mean the good use not that bad threats come from this small drones called killer drones.

 One of the most important uses of the drones is to search and rescue.  someone got lost in the woods or somewhere that we can't cover by walking on foot. A helicopter can achieve it. but trust me a small remote-controlled drone with a broadcasting camera flying lower.  and more stealthy to find out where is that lost person or being under threat by a kidnapper.

 Also, it can be useful for rescue operations if there is a mountain climber that is stuck in a cave. or someone that lost in a place where it is not easy to spot with the eye. few drones can do a full scan for every small ally in and path in this place and report if found a clue that helps.

Covert missions is another benefit of drones. Government organizations and law enforcement agencies. they can use it for detecting and protection secret missions!

 Real estate business. yes, it can help photographing building and units from outside. you will get you some shots that you can never get without it. which helps in marketing and advertisements campaign for real estate companies.

drone uses

Commercial drone ( the drones with camera ). it is also very useful in shooting some videos for advertisements. also, that can be useful and much less cost than hiring a helicopter. Or getting high-end cinematic tools for a shot from high above!

Delivery Drone is also a perfect way to enjoy the drones. as we can use for delivery methods. A lightweight package or even food delivery. imagine that you have a delivery from the post office that is 5 blocks after you.  but the delivery guy has to get through 4 traffic lights and some traffic jam. will consume about 30 minutes. while you can get your package by a flying drone in less than 2 minutes right at your front door!

delivery drone
In the UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) they started already to use drones in some delivery porpuses. like sending the citizen that renewed the Driving license.  A person who needs to renew his driving license only needs to go online to the website. send his new photo and some scanned images of his documents. the drone start flying from the authorized Government center in front of his door in a few minutes!

  • Drones are a flying robot that we can remote control it. Or use an artificial intelligence technique.Governments and military use drones and unmanned flying systems for many porpuses.
  • There is a threat from the technology of the drones. As technology developments companies are willing to use an armed drone. That can auto detected good guys from a guy that do a threat and hunt down them.
  • We may use drones for many porpuses like photographing, delivering, and even for fun.

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