Know The Best Archive Methods of AOL Mail - 2019

Do you want to know the archiving methods for AOL Mail? If yes, then go through this article once.

AOL is a well known free webmail client and there are many users who used AOL Mail account. However, there happen to be many situations where the user needs to download emails from AOL account to PC like – when the user wants to access emails of AOL into another mail account like Thunderbird, Outlook. Or, the user wants to clean their AOL Inbox that flooded with lots of mails and occupies huge memory space. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss some easy-to-operate techniques that can proficiently archive AOL mails.

However, before going through the archiving methods, let’s have a look at a real-life scenario based on this.

I was facing some problem in AOL webmail account. So, I have started using Thunderbird email application. Now, I am deciding to switch between AOL to Windows Thunderbird. However, there is an issue in migration. I want all my AOL mails in T-Bird account. But, I am not technically strong. Please guide me with a method to archive AOL mails into Thunderbird supported format. Please help!

After understanding and comparing this situation with yours, check out the techniques discussed.

Different Approaches to Backup Emails From AOL Webmail Account

It is true that there is no direct manual workaround to export email messages from the AOL account, though direct export for AOL contacts and calendars have been provided. So, you have two options either go with the cumbersome indirect method or go with smart automated software. Here, we will explain both the techniques. Let’s get started.

Approach #1: Setup AOL Mail Account Into Desktop-Based Application

We again say, there is no direct way to download AOL emails on desktop. In this method, the user can configure the AOL profile into desktop compatible mail clients like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP or POP technique. And, there are lots of steps to setup an IMAP/POP-enabled account. However, to use this workaround a desktop email client must be already installed into the system.

For example, setup the AOL account into Outlook profile. Make sure that the account type set for AOL account during configuration is POP account so that once the data is taken from the AOL account to Outlook (backup), then the AOL account is automatically freed with storage space for new emails. Once the accounts get configured properly, all the mails of AOL profile get appeared in Outlook interface.

A new folder of AOL account gets shown in the left pane of Desktop Outlook application. Thus, from here AOL emails can be easily backed up to the local system. Also, AOL emails can be dragged to Outlook profile. By doing this, you will have a copy of AOL emails in your Outlook account. However, this process consumes lots of time to move a large number of messages. And it is not worth to spend precious time on such a lengthy process.

Now let’s get to the next method and see if this could do the work for us in an efficient manner.

Approach #2: Use Intelligent AOL Backup Software

When we consider the backup of email data, then it is beneficial to go with a solution that securely deals with it without altering the content. For this, SysTools AOL Archive Solution is the best fit. Designed with advanced algorithm, it allows users to export their emails offline with keeping the email structure intact.

It is developed in such a manner that user can create backup of AOL mails in different file formats like EML, MSG, MBOX, and PST format. All of the files are movable in nature and can be saved on any platform. When you want to access the messages, then import the file in its supported email application.

Apart from this, the AOL Mail Backup software is compatible for a wide range of Windows Operating system, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and below versions.

Quick Method to Archive AOL Mails-

Follow up the simple steps to get AOL emails archived to Hard drive

  1. Run AOL Backup tool & login with AOL account credentials.

Note:- Always disable2 Step Verification and Switch ON Less Secure App’.

  1. Choose the desired file format to save your crucial emails.

  2. Click on Browse to provide an on-premise location.

  3. Select advanced features like Delete After Download, Filter (for choice).

  4. Click Start to initiate the Archive process.

Bringing It All Together

An email archive has lots of significance in its way. It can help in data loss situation, moving data to other email clients, preserve data with unlimited retention and in other cases too. Some email clients provide backup provision directly whereas some don’t. AOL is on such mail client and it is important to archive AOL Mail periodically on local machine. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed two archive methods for AOL webmail account. If you want a proper reliable backup method, then it is suggested to go with AOL Email Backup tool. It is an authentic way to extract a copy of mails on local platform with ease.

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