Best Methods to Archive Zoho Mail For Future Use

Do you want to know about methods that use to archive Zoho Mail? If you are nodding at this question, then this article is for you.

Have you ever heard about ‘Nothing lasts forever’? It is so true for digital data – which can be gone forever with a simple click. There are plenty of reasons how people lose their most crucial data of Zoho Mail account. So, to be really safe, it is good to save a copy of your online emails on the local system to prevent it from catastrophic attacks. Therefore, we are going to discuss the best practices to backup Zoho Mail emails on a local hard drive

Methods to Archive Emails from Zoho Mail Account Effortlessly

There are two approaches that can be used to save messages from Zoho account on on-premise location. As per the requirement, choose any of the workarounds. 

#Method 1: Using Import/Export Feature

Zoho Mail has an inbuilt functionality named as Import/Export Emails. As its name suggests, it can be used for importing and exporting emails. So, let’s see how it works to archive Zoho mail on the system. 

  1. First of all, go to this ‘ to login directly into Zoho Mail.

  2. Once you have successfully logged in, the interface of the mail section gets appeared. You need to click on the Gear icon as shown in the screenshot.

Zoho Mail Interface

  1. The Setting tab opens in the Zoho mail account where multiple options are available. You have to navigate to the Import/Export Emails section and click on Export History button to archive emails on the desktop.

Zoho Mail Settings

  1. The Import/Export Emails window opens where one can easily upload or download messages in EML format. Here, you have to go under the Export section and click on Select Folder drop-down button. You can only export emails from default Inbox, Sent, or customized folder(s).

Export Section

  1. Select the folder of your choice and click on Export date drop-down button. Here, you can choose a date to download emails of the specific time only.

Select Date Range

  1. Hit the Export button to initiate the backup process in Zoho mail. By doing this, an email will receive in your Inbox, sent by the Zoho team. It contains a zip file and you need to download the emails from that link.

  1. Originally, the email just looks similar as shown in the screenshot and you have to click on show zip links. Moreover, this link only works for 30 days. After that, it will be expired.

Zip Link mailed

  1. Once you have clicked on the link, it will redirect to a new tab where the download link is present. Just click on the Link to archive Zoho mail on the desktop.

Zip file Download Link

  1. Once the download gets completed, you can find the ZIP file in the download section and extract the files from it.

Zip File on Desktop

  1. All the messages are in EML format that can only be accessed by its supportive application like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey.

  2. If you have Thunderbird in your system and open the archived Zoho mail file, then it looks like similar to a proper readable mail format.

Zoho mail Opened in Thunderbird
If you open the mail in the Notepad, then it is difficult to read and understand the mail.

Zoho mail Opened in Notepad

Sadly, the Manual Method Is Not For Everyone

 • The above-described method can only export emails in EML format. In case, when the user wants to import the Zoho messages in Outlook, then it cannot be done. 

 • Export function cannot download mails from Outbox, Trash, Drafts, Spam folder. 

 • Only save emails of a single folder in one shot that makes the entire process so time-consuming.

All these limitations can overcome by an automated workaround.

#Method 2: Archive Emails from Zoho Mail Account Using Intelligent Software 

As we see above that manual method is not an ideal solution. So, it is good to opt for a recognized solution i.e., Zoho Mail Archive to save a copy of emails on secondary location (like PC, laptop) and deleting the same emails from Zoho mail account.
It is an impeccable tool that saves messages of each mail folder from the Zoho account in a single time. Besides this, the user can export the Zoho emails into PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX file formats on the desired location. Further, one can easily access the messages in different mail clients like PST and MSG supported by Outlook.  

What’s more- The tool provides the functionality of granular backup that offers Folder and Email Filter options along with Delete After Download feature. With the help of Folder Filter, the user is flexible to choose any folder and saves emails of it. On the other hand, Email Filter can be used to extract emails of the desired date range in a preferred format on the local system. The Delete After Download function lets the user to back up the data and automatically deletes the emails from the Zoho Mail account. Above all, the entire backup process can be done in a few mouse clicks with a minimum span of time.

Final Words!

After considering the user query, What are the methods to archive Zoho Mail? In this post, we discussed the manual as well as an expert solution for Zoho mail backup process. However, the manual has some downsides. So, we suggested using Zoho Mail Backup Software for smooth backup of Zoho emails without any hassle. 


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