Google G Suite MBOX Converter to Export MBOX to Outlook

With increasing data and the need for space and security, people are deciding to migrate G Suite account to another account.
Are you finding a way to
migrate Google G Suite MBOX to Outlook or some other platform? If yes, you have come the right way! After extensive research I found a very simple and precise solution to migrate G Suite MBOX to PST. There are manual solutions also but it requires detailed knowledge about both the platforms. It may prove to be difficult for a regular user to do the conversion manually.

MBOX stands for Mail Box. This is a file format which stores the regular email messages on a user’s local storage. MBOX files are stored in a continuous string of messages containing all messages in a single file. These files are supported by various email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, etc.

PST file format is supported by one of the most popular email clients called Outlook. It stands for Personal Storage Table. It is a personal folder file that contains data stored in MS outlook while the exchange server is not being accessed. PST files are stored on the user’s hard disk and stores a different type of data like calendars, emails, contacts, journals, attachments, tasks, and many more.

Google G Suite MBOX Converter is an efficient solution which can export G Suite emails to PST. It has a number of features making it more preferred over others. The multi-utility software is used to export Gmail MBOX into Outlook, MBOX to PDF, etc. Google MBOX converter is very easy to use. You just need to follow some quick and short steps to convert Google MBOX to PST. This tool can convert G Suite MBOX to Outlook keeping your data safe and secure.

Steps to Migrate G Suite to Outlook

1. Download and run the tool to export G Suite emails to PST. The utility has a simple installation process. Follow the steps and install the software on your Windows-based system. Versions of Windows include:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10, etc.

2. The software comes with a Dual selection mode. Here, select the files/folders which you want to export. Selective migration is possible which is very beneficial for those who don’t want to migrate all the files together.


3. The Google G Suite MBOX converter will now display a detailed list of MBOX files you have selected to export. Here you can select only required MBOX files to export.

4. The Google MBOX converter provides a large number of saving options. If you wish to migrate G Suite MBOX to PST, select the saving option as PST. Here, the user can choose from a number of options like:
Lotus Notes, etc.

5. The tool gives an option to Split/Merge MBOX files. You can choose the location and different sizes of PST files from options like 2gb, 5gb, 10gb, etc. There is also an option ‘Separate PST per MBOX’. You can use this if you have selected more than one MBOX files to migrate and save them in separate PST files. Click NEXT.


6. Click on NEXT to start the migration process. The Google G Suite MBOX converter migrates the files on by one. You can also STOP the conversion any time.

7. The tool will display a message after the conversion is successfully completed. At the end of this process, the tool opens the exported files at the automatically selected location.

Vibrant Features of Google MBOX Converter

1. This tool creates a backup in various file formats. These file formats include PDF, PST, EML, RTF and many more.

2. The Gmail MBOX to Outlook converter has an easy to use layout. It is helpful for regular users.

3. The utility provides a feature of batch migration. In this, you can easily export batch files into PST. It holds different exported files such as Trash.mbox, Input.mbox, etc.

4. The Google G Suite
MBOX converter can do conversions in various Outlook versions.

5. The utility makes sure that the newly exported files will be saved in the same order in which they were saved earlier before migration. MBOX file converter does not change the file structure.

6. The tool has a feature for selective migration if you want to export only selective files.

G Suite migration tool is a very convenient option to choose to export Google MBOX to PST. Also, you can download the DEMO version for the tool to become familiar with its working.

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