How to Archive Zoho Mail to Hard Drive Smartly Than Before

Have you ever used Zoho Mail or are you working on it? If yes, and trying to figure out how to archive/delete Zoho mail on a local system, then we have a solution for you.

Zoho Mail is a webmail client that offers excellent and ad-free service for personal as well as business users. Possibly, there are two circumstances where the user thinks of archiving/backing up Zoho mail. Let’s know them first:

    • When the Inbox flooded with messages and you need space for new emails. There are two options left, either delete the mails or save all emails on the local machine and free up cloud memory space.

    • Backing up the emails from Zoho account and protect them from any data loss situation. 

Here, we are going to describe a well-rounded approach that let you archive Zoho mail without any trouble. So, let’s begin!

Professional Way to Save Emails From Zoho Account 

It is good to invest your time and effort in the expert selected software named as Zoho Backup Tool. It is an automatic scheduled program whose functionality is to backup messages from Zoho user account onto the local system or an external hard drive in popular formats. Apart from this, the tool has remarkable features including Delete After Download, Email & Folder Filter, Great User Interface Experience and much more than worth for user attention. Let’s get to know some features that make it exceptional, efficient, and reliable in the backup process.

Delete After Download
This feature deletes all the Zoho mails being archived from the user account after the backup procedure is completed. This feature functions for the archive procedure and it is to be selected for archiving Zoho mail.

Multiple Zoho Mail Folders Download
The Tool allows downloading multiple email folders such as Inbox, Trash, Spam, etc., from the Zoho account altogether in a single archiving process. All the email folders get saved to the destination location set by the user. 

Email & Email Folder Filter
This feature in the software allows to filter out specific emails from the selected email folders that are only to be archived. Provides different filters for Emails and Email Folders.

Pause & Resume Backup Process 
The Tool allows the user to interrupt the ongoing backup process. Pause option pauses the backup process and Resume option starts the process where it stopped. This is an external feature added to the software.

Mailbox Structure Maintained
The software lets the structure of the email folder in the archived file set to be the same as the original. All files and folder hierarchy is maintained to be exact to its original mail form as it is viewed at the other end after the complete archiving process.

The Zoho Backup Wizard offers a very simple interface for backup process that even a novice user can perform this workaround. In fact, it can be easily installed on all latest Windows Operating system. And the tool doesn’t save the credentials of user account considering the privacy of the user.

Also, the demo version of the tool is available that saves first 100 emails from Zoho Mail account. All in all, the free variant is good to analyze all the functionality of software before purchasing it. Now, let’s check out the procedure to workout Zoho Mail Backup.

Step-By-Step Guide to Archive Zoho Mail 

    1. Install the free or licensed version of Zoho Mail Backup Tool on Windows machine.
    2. After installation, launch the Tool and log in with Zoho account credentials.
        a) Two-step Authentication is disabled
        b) IMAP Access is enabled.

Enter Zoho login credentials

    3. Select E-mail format, from popular file types as described below

    • EML – Supported by Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail.
    • PST – Supported by all Outlook versions.
    • MBOX – Supported by Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Netscape, Entourage.
    • MSG – Supported by Outlook application.

Select Email Format
    4. Next, Browse the destination location to store archived Zoho mail data.

Browse Destination

    5. Down to destination file, select the Delete After Download option.

    6. For specific email archives,  choose the Apply Filter option.
Note: Filter option provides the following filters:
    • Folder Filter: Filter to select mail folder(s) from Zoho account. 
    • E-mail Filter: Filter option to backup Zoho emails within a time range.

E-mail and Folder filter

    7. Hit the Start button to initiate the backup process.

initiating Backup process

    8. The activity status window provides information related to the following:

    • On-going backup task progress
    • Folder name
    • Item Count
    • Backup Rate
Destination Path
Status of Internet Connection

Progress Status
    9.  An acknowledgment appears after the completion of the backup process. Click OK on it.

Download Completed Successfully
    10.  View all the emails saved in the chosen file format at the specified location.

View Backed Up File

The Closure!

No doubt! Webmail or browser-based email clients is better than a traditional desktop application in various aspects. However, the data on the cloud has its own threats. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed an excellent well-rounded approach to archive emails from Zoho Mail. With this Zoho Backup Tool, you can safeguard your messages with an unlimited retention period.  

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