Mad gaze smart Glasses full review


Mad gaze is a brand of smart glasses that bring your smartphone or device to live in front of you. Because you can use all of your device's function easy by touching the air using your hand and even you can join a game and live inside of it.

Mad gaze Ares

Ares is the name of the model of the new mad gaze's smart glasses, with this smart glasses you can just connect it to your device using the Bluetooth connection and then start bringing your device to the life
And you can easily answer and reject calls by just touching the answer or reject button that appears in front of your eyes in the air to respond. ( people around will see you touching the space ) but in fact, you are operating your device.
mad gaze ares
fighting monster in your room
Also, you can start a game using the glasses and start playing in the AV (Augmented reality) mode what means that you will find your enemies right in your room corners around you and start to fight and solve puzzles like you are living inside the game.

Mad gaze review

4 Main Uses
  • Instant Translation - Ever tour around a foreign land and have no approach what is going on? MAD Gaze is operating to fix that for you. There is an auto-translate applicability that translates everything the glass see toward the language of your decision. You’ll nevermore require traveling outwardly your gadget.
  • Social - MAD Gaze admits users to perform phone calls, text, send multimedia to contacts, access personal data assistant (PDA) and play any media. Seeing as this is the principal purpose people are on their smartphones all the time. By reinstating that phone with MAD Gaze.  A lot more time will be wasted looking up.
  • Entertainment & Games - Think to play your beloved game not having to look below at the screen, or using AR+ to play games where your surrounding real-life mixes with you. And The game becomes more interactive than idle. The world is improved. MAD Gaze takes gaming to a whole different, more exciting and enjoyable level. As a player, you truly feel in a game. No more 3rd person or 1st person view mode in games. but itself person views now!
  • GPS Navigation - The GPS on MAD Gaze will guarantee you nevermore get lost. By the map and directions right in front of you, you will no longer drop a turn. A totally hands-free map produces a choice than a smartphone in positions where having your hand free is quite necessary. Just envision have a little map in the corner of your eye that guides you as you Ride, drive, walk, run, kayak, anything!

MAD gaze x5 review

Mad gaze x5 can be attached to your drone. It will let you see through the eyes of the drone. You also can capture video and images using this great gadget. Check this great video reviewing it.
Well, you can find it around 750-800$ around the internet
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