What are the Ways to Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook - Solution

Are you searching out the ways to import Yahoo mail to Outlook? If Yes, follow up the article to achieve the methods to add Yahoo email to Outlook 2016.

For the past few years, Yahoo is facing tremendous issues regarding Yahoo mail outage. As it is known that Yahoo has a large number of users using Yahoo mail and with the issue not being solved for the times, the users are searching ways all along to get migrated to another Email client for better mailing environment.

The suggestion for these users is to migrate to Outlook or Gmail as they cover among all the mailing users in the world. Gmail stands first for the number of users held whereas Outlook is notified as it can hold multiple Email clients, say about to be 20 email clients supported simultaneously. Here, the call is for Outlook so that the users can open up multiple email clients emails at a single spot and backup data as required easily. Lets us move to the approaches which will import the yahoo emails to Outlook.

Methods to Import Yahoo mail to Outlook

Talking about the methods in forwarding email to Outlook from Yahoo, then there are two approaches founded to get the job done. They are

  • Manual Method

  • Automated Method

Let us start with the Manual method.

#1 Manual Method: Add Yahoo email to Outlook

In the manual method, the user has to configure the Yahoo mail into Outlook so that Outlook can view the emails of Yahoo mail and further on make changes on it. While configuring the account type being mentioned is to be given primary attention as, if the wrong type is configured with Yahoo it may cause to the emails deletion from Yahoo account.

Now let’s move to the steps to configure the Yahoo mail into Outlook.com

  • Launch Windows Outlook.

  • Go to File menu >> Add Account option

Add Account

  • Opt. Manual setup or additional server types

Enter User credential

  • Click radio button for POP or IMAP.


  • Provide Account details

    • Name: First & Last

    • Account type: IMAP

    • Incoming Server Config: imap.yahoo.mail.com

    • Outgoing Server Config: smtp.yahoo.mail.com

    • Provide User account credentials

Server configuration

  • Click More settings

    • Outgoing server Tab: Check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

Outgoing server info

  • In Advanced Tab: Assign Port numbers with encryption

    • Incoming Server: 995; Encryption: SSL

    • Outgoing Server: 465/587; Encryption: SSL/TLS

Port configuration

  • Click Next for Yahoo account.

Test Account configuration

Note: This may take a few minutes.

After this verification, Restart Outlook (In case, Yahoo mail folder doesn’t show up on Outlook mail panel).

After the above process is completed successfully, the user can work with the Yahoo emails on Outlook and no issue of Yahoo Outages. As from the steps above shown seems to be simple, but when processed manually causes errors which lead to user frustration and much more. Let’s have a quick review of the limitations held with this process.

Downs of Manual Method

Forwarding Yahoo mail to Outlook has few Corns which can change minds of users going for this solution again and again. Let’s checkout what are they:

Due to the above-shown corns in this method users tend to search a new method which doesn't count these much efforts and get the work done efficiently. Now, we will move towards the next approach to see if that resolve the issues in adding Yahoo mail to Outlook.

#2 Automated Method: Use Yahoo Backup Tool

The automated method, to be mentioned in short is to take backup of emails in Yahoo mail and import backup to Outlook. In this method, the SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool backs up the Yahoo emails in PST format with few simple steps giving an outstanding user interface. The simple steps with the great GUI provide each and every user to get the email backup of Yahoo mail very easily. The software also provides various features that let the user take backup of emails as per their requirement. Let us now check the steps involved to backup Yahoo email to the system.

For that download, install, and run the Yahoo Backup Tool and follow the below steps

  1. Specify PST File type among provided.
  2. Browse location on the system to save backup.
  3. pt. Apply Filters for specific email backup.
  4. Check Delete after Download option for Yahoo mail archive.
  5. Hit Start to start Yahoo mail backup process.

The above-shown process has no technicality included, thus, every user can work on the tool to backup Yahoo emails.

After the Backup is taken then, add emails to Outlook downloaded from Yahoo mail. To perform this you need to have MS Outlook Desktop application installed on your system. Open Outlook and simply import the PST file to Outlook.

Altogether in Short!

The articles start in the search for ways to add Yahoo email to Outlook. Two methods discussed, one is the manual method that import Yahoo mail to Outlook and the other is to use Yahoo Backup Tool, that simply forward yahoo mail to local system and Outlook import the email files. Shortcomings in manual method were solved with better user experience using the efficient method.

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