Write for us

  Town of technology welcomes everyone that wants to contribute an article for us.

First step you need to is to create an account with author profile to be able to submit a new post.

After that you will need to follow this guidelines

There are a few guidelines that the contributor has to follow before submitting the :

  1. Article’s body: 2 links to your website are allowed in the article’s body, links must be related to the topic of the article ( useful links ). You can also add more links to out resources others than your website as long as the link is useful.

How to write for us

It is simple, after making sure that you can write an article that follows the guidelines mentioned above:
  1. Register account as guest publisher on the town of technology with your login details and author information.
  2. prepare your article login and you will find the submit article button activated , click on it .
  3. You will be redirected to submit button form, admins will review the article after you submit. you will be emailed when published